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  1. Queen Rachel

    I like it. Only kept Masochist, Pipe and Twice. Deleted everything off Spotify after a day.
  2. Queen Rachel


    It's probably coming out on the first Friday of July and the Pitbull song would probably come out on the last Friday of July tbh.
  3. Queen Rachel

    Music Video

    The boxing scene reminds me of Xtina's dirrty
  4. Queen Rachel


    I misread the title and thought it was about revamping Piece Of Me
  5. Queen Rachel


    Add Overprotected, My Prerogative, Radar and Criminal on the setlist.
  6. Queen Rachel

    XXXTentacruel is going to round up the Top 5
  7. Queen Rachel

    Should they remake Just Stand UP!? "Just Stand Up!" is a song performed by an all-star charity supergroup of pop, R&B, rock, and country artists during the telethon "Stand Up to Cancer". Performers in 2008: Beyoncé Carrie Underwood Rihanna Miley Cyrus Sheryl Crow (only on studio version) or Nicole Scherzinger (only on live version) Fergie Leona Lewis Keyshia Cole Natasha Bedingfield LeAnn Rimes (only on studio version) Melissa Etheridge (only on studio version) Mary J. Blige Ciara Mariah Carey Ashanti Performers in 2018: Britney Spears Taylor Swift Xtina Camila Cabello Shania Twain (only on studio version) or Maren Morris (only on live version) Selena Gomez Lady Gaga Katy Perry Jennifer Lopez Kelly Carkson (only on studio version) Pink (only on studio version) Kesha Ariana Grande Madonna Alessia Cara
  8. Queen Rachel

    Still won't crack inside Top 5 on BB200 1. The Carters 2. 5SOS 3. Nas 4-5. XXXTentacion 6. The Greatest Showman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 7. Post Malone 8. Xtina
  9. 2 Skinny Legends have been rumoured to have a song together "Described as a ‘soft, sexy R&B track with ‘heavenly’ vocal layering effects’ btw" On another note, please give these 2 videos some views. Both are very close to 100 million views.
  10. Queen Rachel

    Haven't check for both
  11. Queen Rachel

    Not a flop, but she's gonna have the same success as Ellie though
  12. Queen Rachel


    Just listened to the album on Spotify. 3. Maria - 6/10 4. Sick of Sittin' - 4/10 6. Fall in Line - 5/10 7. Right Moves - 6.5/10 8. Like I Do - 6/10 9. Deserve - 6/10 10. Twice - 7.5/10 12. Accelerate - 4/10 13. Pipe - 6.5/10 14. Masochist - 8/10 15. Unless It's with You 6/10 Average = 6
  13. Queen Rachel

    She's the next Ellie Goulding