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  1. We won't ever get songs like these ever again
  2. Nope because Britney was absent from that year
  3. I voted for the same songs as you, except for Break the Ice and Ooh Ooh Baby because that song belongs in the Circus album.
  4. 2 of Britney's stronger albums. I will be pitting 2 songs from each albums together and you guys have to vote for the song/s you preferred. There will be no multiple choices because I want it to be hard.
  5. Her team better not screw her over again by picking dates that have stronger competitions and scrapping music videos
  6. Game

    Justice for Inside Out though
  7. This song brings up too many high school memories
  8. Game

    Femme Fatale was doing great until Criminal
  9. it's cool. I just used the standard track list and added the other 3 songs.