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  1. Do u have nothing better to do
  2. You’re right She drugs and rapes men , gets triggered whenever a blog mentions her , calls dead children monkeys & calls black women roaches etc shut the fuck up
  3. Brinty here


  4. Brinty

    The Barbz are winning A Barb is coming for moo’s record & is currently number 1 if anything the Barbz are more powerful than Nokia Manjina herself
  5. Brinty

    I’m honestly disgusted @ u thinking this is okay , imagine putting all ur hard work & time into something that’s been ur passion ur whole fucking life just for some money hungry fucks to take that all away
  6. Brinty


    We fucking been knew
  7. Brinty

    I thought the cabinet just had a wavy design-
  8. Brinty

    Music Video

    She snapped I love the visuals she’s been serving recently Still hate the song tho
  9. Brinty


    She said that megatron is “its own standalone movement “ so hopefully it’s nowhere to be seen on NM5 also why the fuck is “ Queef Radio “ sending me
  10. Brinty


    Megatron isn’t the lead single of NM5 sis it’s just a stand-alone thing anyways 1- Chun Li 2- Starships 3- Pills & Potions 4- Your Love
  11. Brinty


    Megatron isn’t predicted to chart at #12 Probably will
  12. Brinty

    The irony I have to laugh All these weight loss surgeries and the bitch still looks like a walrus that died from over eating
  13. Brinty


    Meh it’ll still chart higher than press Yet Goodform was playing at her Fenty launch party and Nicki was dancing to work try again try again sweetie no beef here This Outsold
  14. Brinty

    Nicki already collabed with most of them i- Beyonce - she already did Christina - she already did (2) Britney - she already did (3) Kesha - she technically did (4) Katy - she already did (5) Mariah - she already did even tho that fat bitch didn’t deserve it (6)  Kylie - I don’t think she even knows her Madonna - she already did , multiples times (7) Taylor - ugh I wish , they probably will in the future she should’ve been on the bad blood remix instead of Kendrick La Flop  Rihanna - already did (8) Lana Del Ray - hopefully she doesn’t it wouldn’t even work Ariana Grande - already did and by the looks of it we’re still gonna get more (9) Gaga - I wish but they probably don’t like each other I’ve never seen them interact
  15. Brinty

    Fly outsold Rihanna did some serious charity at the BET awards this year I mean pictures with a Barb too ugh her mind