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  1. Well this didn’t age well
  2. brinty


    R we ever getting a deluxe edition I need that fucking Haus labs remix rn
  3. brinty

    Honestly Cardi out of all of Nicki’s discography I can’t believe THESE are the songs that went number 1 Nicki’s number 1s should’ve been Anaconda , Starships , Superbass , Bang Bang etc the say so remix that went number 1 is such a mess the original remix is way better and trollz is a decent bop but Fefe deserved the number 1 instead
  4. brinty

    I mean technically you can but it’s extremely rare
  5. brinty

    male melanie looks like a tiktoker i follow what even-
  6. brinty

    oh waw imagine using that as a “drag” sad
  7. brinty

    bitch did i say they went number 1 my god fotp really went to shit w all these annoying ass members popping up
  8. brinty

    Azealia was popping its just that she ruined her own career w all the bs she said and did and missed alot of opportunities Young MA had Ouuuuuuu Dej Loaf was also gaining buzz and Cupcakke had deepthroat which was a viral meme a few years back 🤷‍♂️ i guess my “GaY cIrclE” included millions of people¿ The hate train caused by the Remy diss track i guess you were leaving under a rock in 2017 , interesting how nicki had a top 5 hit in 2016 and managed to score multiple top 10s in 2017 never saw a has been do that but okay theres just so much bullshit in this quote i cant even Pink Friday did 375,000 sales in its first week while IOP only did 255,000 (103,000 pure sales) so don't even lmao “organic” i cant , this is where i stop replying cuz ik i’m dealing w a clown🤡 yes sweetie the whole movement that happened and was shared across tons of blogs and celebrity pages bro at this point i'm convinced you were like in a coma or smth during 2017💀 funny how Nicki the alleged has been is currently at number 1 and wheres cardi ? wheres press ? or any of her other flop features she released this year?? oh yea flopped
  9. brinty here

    yall act like Nickis the fucking anti-christ i cant lmfao1

    1. Madonna

      Deservingly, so.

  10. brinty

    Young MA , Iggy , Azalea Banks , Dej loaf and technically even fucking cupcakke all had hits during Nicki’s peak & the only reason cardi really succeeded (shes fading into irrelevancy now either way) was due to the nicki hate train and the whole “ do it for the culture “ thing not to mention we’re in the streaming era right now which is why theres no many artists popping up left and right (tiktok is also a factor) soooo yeaahhh cardi didn't open shit for nobody and wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for Nicki
  11. brinty

    stay mad rats
  12. brinty


    do what you want walked so free woman could RUN this is already the best gaga album , artpop? idk her