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  1. Brinty


    the way they let queen flop after chun li was absolute disrespect, queen deserved way better and could’ve done way better w the right roll out & promotion thank god she got rid of her old management
  2. Brinty


    i came back from the dead just to say omg wig 😳
  3. Brinty


    can someone pls pm me it because i’ve looked everywhere and i can’t find it :((
  4. Do u have nothing better to do
  5. You’re right She drugs and rapes men , gets triggered whenever a blog mentions her , calls dead children monkeys & calls black women roaches etc shut the fuck up
  6. Brinty here


  7. Brinty

    The Barbz are winning A Barb is coming for moo’s record & is currently number 1 if anything the Barbz are more powerful than Nokia Manjina herself
  8. Brinty

    I’m honestly disgusted @ u thinking this is okay , imagine putting all ur hard work & time into something that’s been ur passion ur whole fucking life just for some money hungry fucks to take that all away
  9. Brinty


    We fucking been knew
  10. Brinty

    I thought the cabinet just had a wavy design-
  11. Brinty

    Music Video

    She snapped I love the visuals she’s been serving recently Still hate the song tho
  12. Brinty


    She said that megatron is “its own standalone movement “ so hopefully it’s nowhere to be seen on NM5 also why the fuck is “ Queef Radio “ sending me
  13. Brinty


    Megatron isn’t the lead single of NM5 sis it’s just a stand-alone thing anyways 1- Chun Li 2- Starships 3- Pills & Potions 4- Your Love
  14. Brinty

    The irony I have to laugh All these weight loss surgeries and the bitch still looks like a walrus that died from over eating
  15. Brinty

    Nicki already collabed with most of them i- Beyonce - she already did Christina - she already did (2) Britney - she already did (3) Kesha - she technically did (4) Katy - she already did (5) Mariah - she already did even tho that fat bitch didn’t deserve it (6)  Kylie - I don’t think she even knows her Madonna - she already did , multiples times (7) Taylor - ugh I wish , they probably will in the future she should’ve been on the bad blood remix instead of Kendrick La Flop  Rihanna - already did (8) Lana Del Ray - hopefully she doesn’t it wouldn’t even work Ariana Grande - already did and by the looks of it we’re still gonna get more (9) Gaga - I wish but they probably don’t like each other I’ve never seen them interact