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  1. So do your britbot and stiff drags as well as u hating britney so much you're willing to derail a shit ton of threads into a Rihanna / Britney debate if that's not dedication idk what is
  2. Nope it didn't tho the bitch was lazy , didn't promote properly , released weak and boring songs as singles and decided to extend the residency not to mention she barely performed any new songs in the residency
  3. While you do that can u tell her to release DIC as a single ? id appreciate it thx
  4. HAHAHAHAHAH because britney ( the princess of pop and icon ) needs attention from a pain in the ass member on a pop forum bitch sit down
  5. You're kidding right? Pokerface Bad romance Just dance Paparazzi Etc
  6. Event

    What the actual fuck did I just watch
  7. Event

    woops sorry i kinda forgot about this it'll be starting today i promise
  8. @DW for any artist``?
  9. gaga & britney aren't retired tho lol?
  10. here

    @mods i might've just accidentally posted a thread 10 times because of my shitty internet i'd appreciate it if you could helpbrit8

  11. Discussion

    they deserved what happened to them tbh heres the full HD scene and yes she wasn't cool then because she did stuff like this
  12. That doesn't change the fact that they were Disney girls smh