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  1. Event

    can u dm it plsss
  2. Rumor

    Breathing would be better tbh
  3. Discussion

    Problem , No tears left to cry , Focus , The way , Dangerous Woman
  4. Legend supporting legend @Agugaga a upcoming and actually relevant singer is mentioning Britney not no1currs godney wins as usual
  5. Discussion

    flop as in bad
  6. Discussion

    she's better off without them lol
  7. Discussion

    found it on exhell
  8. Discussion

    when she left Destiny's Flop
  9. Pretty much I played make me & slumber party and no one new she released anything new some didn’t know she released anything since femme fatale
  10. Album

    The album needs to have R&B and Urban vibes we need a true blackout 2.0 forget EDM & Dance Pop it ain’t 2011 or 2013 and these genres are pretty dead she could use the kenzo thingie to promote it too so more people will get to hear the album. She needs to go on talk shows like Ellen , jimmy kimmel and jimmy Fallon as well as an SNL appearance ( which would be her first in a long time ) and maybe even a lip sync battle perfromance since she’s very good at lipping the lead shouldn’t be a feature like her past 3 singles and if she does feature anyone on any track it should be RELEVANT people ( no tinashe , G eazy etc ) maybe Beyoncé , Cardi b , nicki , Rihanna or Quavo tbh. debut the lead in the bbmas and have a album medley at the vmas after this ( if the new residency doesn’t happen ) she should go on a full world tour and get a proper choreographer if she does do the new residency she needs to put more of the B10 songs on there and perhaps give copies of b10 with tickets that are sold after this in the summer she can go on a bunch of mini world tours to Asia , Europe etc and end the era with a Coachella perfromance if the era’s that long
  11. Achievement

    Can’t belive Donald’s on the list
  12. She looks really good ! I hope they don’t edit the shit out of her in the final version I hope it’s a new album tbh
  13. here

    Barbie Tingz is better than every rap bitch’s career 

    1. POPBOIY

      Did you see Brit at the GLAAD awards hay1

    2. Chun-ny

      Ofc she looked so hot! And gave me 2003ney vibes