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  1. i hope it’s more like the singles she released in 2017/2018 if it’s like rare she can keep it
  2. broke w expensive taste is such a classic cry6

  3. everyone listens to WAP for megan tho out of all the main rap girls she’s probably had the worst year i mean doja nicki and megan all had multiple hits meanwhile she had one hit because of shock value + megan so likeeeeee our points still stand
  4. i’m so embarrassed for her ,for her fans, for her family for creating such a cringy annoying piece of shit
  5. how do i stop the same 3 users from spam tagging me in shit idc abt every time i get off the sitedead4

    1. Max


      "Please stop tagging me, I'm not interested :) "

  6. it’s pretty helpful if u missed any events/seasonal items or if u wanna get a villager to move out
  7. it’s pretty simple , it’s not an actual feature of the game it’s more like a cheat everyone uses just go to ur date n time settings , turn the thingie that says synchronize time or smth like that off then u can change the day/month/year etc forward or backwards, if you ever wanna fix the time just turn the synchronize thing back on
  8. i fucking hate nintendo for not fixing joycon drift it’s been 3 years
  9. you can time travel to the next day n they’ll be back or get a NMT n go on a mystery island tour!!
  10. where did the cat version of this emote goslaycat

    it was iconic 

    1. Chris Morlock
    2. doja


      oh omg ty i couldn’t find it for some reason 

    3. Chris Morlock
  11. alexa demie is a literal goddess on earth giveup3

  12. girl doja cat has performed like 6 times in the past 3 months and her album came out LAST YEAR flopga has no excuses
  13. the way she promoted biden way more than the whole chromatica era she really just let the album die and decided to release oreos i mean even britney has done more exciting things this year and all she did was re-release glory