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  1. not you beating me to it took her two years but i’m excited as fuck kinda sad it’s on hbo max tho guess i have to wait till it’s on one of the streaming sites
  2. doja

    Invitation vs Maria Make Me vs Sick of Sittin' Private Show vs Fall In Line Man on the Moon vs Right Moves Just Luv Me vs Like I Do Clumsy vs Deserve Do You Wanna Come Over? vs Twice Slumber Party vs Accelerate Just Like Me vs Pipe Love Me Down vs Masochist Hard to Forget Ya vs Unless It's With You glory : 8 liberation : 3
  3. erotica & bed time stories
  4. savage love doesn’t even deserve to be charting
  5. doja


    1.Criminal 2.What It's Like to Be Me 3.Everytime 4.Why Should I Be Sad 5.Don't Cry 6.What You Need 7.The Beat Goes On 8.Dear Diary 9.My Baby
  6. doja

    1. blackout 2. erotica 3. tyn 4. witness 5. 1989 6. joanne 7. loud 8. beyoncé 9. back to basics 10. day dream 11. lust for life 12. killi mongoose
  7. doja


    1. Hung Up 2. Material Girl 3. Candy Shop 4. Papa Don't Preach 5. Like a Prayer 6. Survival 7. American Life 8. Girl Gone Wild 9.Living for Love 10.Music 11.Erotica 12.Drowned World/Substitute for Love 13. Lucky Star 14. Medellín
  8. 1.TFM 2.GGB 3.teenage dream 4.true blue 5. baby one more time 6. dangerously in love 7. stars dance 8. christina aguilera 9. fearless 10. music box 11. born to die 12. fever i haven’t listened to the full albums from 9-12 but the songs that i have listened to from them suck ass
  9. doja here

    omg mess @mods. can y’all help brit15 my browser glitched out for a sec 

  10. doja


    1. words 2. bad girl 3. thief of hearts 4. rain 5. secret garden 6. fever 7. waiting 8. bye bye baby 9. deeper and deeper 10. erotica 11. where life begins 12. in this life 13. why’s it so hard this is literally her best album omg
  11. there better be a doja & a nicki collab
  12. doja


    she’s kinda 2 eras late but i love this ! it should’ve been a full on music video tbh