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  1. 911 , love 2 love u , strangest love & sugarfall
  2. nope it’s a scrapped song from queen that she showed for the first time on her live the other day
  3. sorry my phones being a bit dumb so when i get on my pc i’ll be sure to add u then
  4. thanks ! i like to check in on here once in a while when i’m bored oop i didn’t know abt that i mean it’s an early version of a already released song not a new unreleased one plus u can stream it on there too 🤷‍♂️
  5. apparently this was for the original version of glory before they eventually scrapped the og concept and they ended up reworking this track for the rerelease link: https://britney-online.net/stream-downloadswimming-in-the-stars-original-2014-mix/ imo this ones way better
  6. i hope it’s more like the singles she released in 2017/2018 if it’s like rare she can keep it
  7. broke w expensive taste is such a classic cry6

  8. everyone listens to WAP for megan tho out of all the main rap girls she’s probably had the worst year i mean doja nicki and megan all had multiple hits meanwhile she had one hit because of shock value + megan so likeeeeee our points still stand
  9. i’m so embarrassed for her ,for her fans, for her family for creating such a cringy annoying piece of shit
  10. how do i stop the same 3 users from spam tagging me in shit idc abt every time i get off the sitedead4

    1. Max


      "Please stop tagging me, I'm not interested :) "

  11. it’s pretty helpful if u missed any events/seasonal items or if u wanna get a villager to move out
  12. it’s pretty simple , it’s not an actual feature of the game it’s more like a cheat everyone uses just go to ur date n time settings , turn the thingie that says synchronize time or smth like that off then u can change the day/month/year etc forward or backwards, if you ever wanna fix the time just turn the synchronize thing back on
  13. i fucking hate nintendo for not fixing joycon drift it’s been 3 years