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  1. toodles rats nicki5

  2. toodles rats nicki5

  3. Goodform.mp3

    Hopefully your last thread too
  4. Goodform.mp3

    The lack of taste in some of these posts anyways 7 years , gods plan , in my feelings & basically any song the GP overplays the fuck out of
  5. Goodform.mp3

    imagine comparing the queen of pop gags germ-a-not to some random ass dua lipa basic mess with blonde hair bye don't even
  6. Goodform.mp3


    if you don't care then don't attempt to discredit her obvious talent nicki hate train wbk , if anything madonna would be the one asking nicki for a feature because last time i checked the only songs that even charted from rebel heart and mdna were the NICKI features
  7. Goodform.mp3


    imagine thinking someone who's only in the rap game for money & doesn't even write her own songs is more talented than someone who's been praised by rap legends like jay z , foxy brown , eminem , nas etc etc sweetie you clearly know nothing about rap the DELUSION
  8. Goodform.mp3


    if we aren't counting boring ass arabic songs it's one of these la isla bonita bring me to life Axel F toxic
  9. Britney better not be fucking taking off outrageous off of anything 

  10. Goodform.mp3


    it's not on apple music or the itunes store all it says now is that my album is incomplete since i bought the album before DWYUW was removed
  11. Goodform.mp3


    everyone just wants an excuse to say " NiCkI iS oVeR " they also love bringing up cardi when it has nothing to do with her the obsession
  12. im about to- why is my luck so shitty honestly
  13. Took her about 6 years to realize she should remove the xtine one too cuz who’d want a screaming frog and replace it with the solo version