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    Preach queen
  2. Brooke candy scares me 

  3. Bitch do what you want shits on blank space i love blank space tho but it’s no way near the best pop girl single of this decade
  4. Celine Dion getting more views than madonna , Janet Jackson , Whitney Houston and moo what the fuck
  5. Hey hœs I’ve never listened to brinty Jean fully because of how ... unique it is so I finally decided to destroy my ears here’s my opinion/review of the tracks Alien this song is very artsy fartsy I love it it’s an amazing start to a tragic album altho the skip glitch triggers me Work Bitch preach brinty & myah preach Best myah Marie song eva Perfume i absolutely adore this song and it’s one of the few gems actually sung by brinty On this album It should be easy nice instrumental + Idk how they managed to turn myah into a robot in this one ? Tik Tik Boom body ache girl you make my ear ache Till it’s gone cute song sounds like it belongs in a car commercial from 2011 Passenger i absolutely love this song it’s very relatable Chillin w u Bless your heart Jamie I didn’t know you had such a close relationship with myah Marie Don’t cry This song cured my ears and helped me hold my tears while listening to this ... album Brightest morning star not bad I think of family members and it’s very emotional and relatable cute song Hold on tight nice song a bit depressing but I luv it and it doesn’t destroy my ear Now that I found you First of all it’s very cringey it sounds like it would be in a movie which involves a wedding’s credits its very boring and sounds like an avicii Rip off i give the album experience a 6.5/10 Pink wigs Thx For giving a shit Adios I’m out the thread
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    Damn gags she slayed that!
  8. you're trying to get the madonna stans to shade britney so that the brinty army will fight back you clearly hate Britney you were making fun of her alot on an old thread but now she can suddenly sing & dance? i call bullshit
  9. Disgusting piece of frozen shit.
  10. Bizarre

    my opinion on evolution especially human evolution
  11. Disgusting piece of shit human being
  12. Celeb News

    Um? Uh? What’s that? I mean I can see the animals and the cross ( I think the cross is old ) but what the fuck is that stuff under it ?