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  1. i agree w @Villanelleeverything ariola has released after dangerous woman has been bitter sweet (pun not intended)
  2. its so sad that she can’t like age in peace & has to constantly change up/hide the fact that she’s getting old, it’s nothing to be ashamed of and society sucks for making that a “bad thing”
  3. her and rita ora are the definition of being “relevant” but not that relevant her expectations album was decent tho
  4. like a prayer like a virgin ray of light music madonna bed time stories confessions rebel heart true blue madame X american life erotica mdna hard candy
  5. erotica & bedtime stories are her best albums imo
  6. imagine || shut up (neither) needy || 34+35 NASA || motive bloodline || just like magic fake smile || off the table bad idea || six thirty make up || safety net ghostin || my hair in my head || nasty 7 rings || west side thank u, next || love language break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored || positions BONUS MONOPOLY || obvious Boyfriend || pov tyn: 8 positions: 5
  7. Aura || Witness || raindrops (an angel cried) Venus || Hey Hey Hey || blazed G.U.Y. || Roulette || the light is coming Sexxx Dreams || Swish Swish || R.E.M Jewels 'N Drugs || Deja Vu || God is a woman MANiCURE || Power || sweetener Do What U Want || Mind Maze || successful ARTPOP || Miss You More || everytime Swine || Chained To The Rhythm || breathin Donatella || Tsunami || no tears left to cry Fashion! || Bon Appetit || borderline Mary Jane Holland || Bigger Than Me || better off Dope || Save As Draft || goodnight n go Gypsy ||
  8. 911 , love 2 love u , strangest love & sugarfall
  9. nope it’s a scrapped song from queen that she showed for the first time on her live the other day
  10. sorry my phones being a bit dumb so when i get on my pc i’ll be sure to add u then
  11. thanks ! i like to check in on here once in a while when i’m bored oop i didn’t know abt that i mean it’s an early version of a already released song not a new unreleased one plus u can stream it on there too 🤷‍♂️
  12. apparently this was for the original version of glory before they eventually scrapped the og concept and they ended up reworking this track for the rerelease link: https://britney-online.net/stream-downloadswimming-in-the-stars-original-2014-mix/ imo this ones way better
  13. broke w expensive taste is such a classic cry6