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  1. Vice


    SAVE Rich Sex Goodform  ELIMINATE Miami  Changed it
  2. Vice


    Up in flames is THAT bop win again could never
  3. Vice

    Im a madonna stan sis but im not going to be delusional ever since Confessions madonna has been trying constantly to appeal to the younger generation by making desperate attempts
  4. Vice

    That doesn’t mean she can’t be desperate which is very obvious she is I like madonna but it’s getting pathetic at this point from Bitch I’m madonna to this and making out w drake etc it’s really sad you don’t see other legends doing desperate shit like this for example Michael Jackson , Prince , Mariah , Cher etc have never done things this desperate to be relevant , hip & “ cool “ if anything gaga is the one supossed to be doing that yet she’s embracing her talent and showing a raw & real side to her instead of making sad attempts at appealing to the gp
  5. Vice

    I’m just stating facts stream hair body face for clear skin
  6. It’s okay not everyone has taste
  7. Vice

    Oh that’s cute meanwhile the actual queen of pop who isn’t afraid to change genres and puts effort into her art : Steffani Germanotta is enjoying the sucess of her hit movie asib & slaying charts Sadly not everyone has that
  8. I noticed that too but they’re both major bops so it’s fine I think it’s because of the reggae/tropical beat
  9. Vice

    The song is bad in fact the whole album is shit like madonna’s “hook” on it is catchy in a bad way it looks like a desperate attempt for relevance because it is
  10. Vice


    I liked the first ones better tbh
  11. Vice here

    Women Like Nicki brit7

  12. ONIKA SNATCHED SO HARD I LOVE THIS I’m promoting it to all of my friends and they stan sksksksksks