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  1. ^^^ i really couldn’t care less I’m barely even on this forum anymore
  2. I really don’t care anymore taking a picture doesn’t mean you’re dating them and anyways I’m not here for him I’m here for nicki instead of dragging nicki & her fans for him being a rapist why not drag him
  3. Vice here


  4. IKR i haven't liked a video from this era this much since Chun-Li She SNAPPED
  5. They ran out of payola money stream goodform , dip & no candle no light
  6. Vice


    not sure if it's for b10 but oh well a snippet of IFSFWY leaked
  7. where is the nicki feature tho
  8. Perched for it I thought he replaced her w Cardi cuz he was mad about the woman like me song or smth
  9. Sadly broke cunty can’t relate to both
  10. I was just about to make a thread whew she snapped tbh she better do the same on stage This isnt the same as piece of me this is the scream & shout remix not the shitty boys/scream & shout one I’m talking about this we don’t know any of the other songs on the tracklist tho
  11. Vice here

    DaVinci is rolling in his grave 


    1. Urbanov

      It’s never too late to work on your craft. And obviously better than think you’re the best and you don’t have to improve shit. There’s always a room to improve.

  12. This I may not like cardi but her music is sometimes decent , be careful has got to be her shittiest song ever released it wasn’t even a hit anyways what kind of biased mess is this shitty show ew
  13. So sis looks like Cardi and Nicki made peace , is this our 



    1. Simón.

      May the peace last and the feud Rest In Peace jj2