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  1. Bad Girl

    oh my god, you have no taste at all
  2. Bad Girl


    I already bought the ticket at the desk and I will watch it tonight
  3. I mean.. what they are doing isn't what I agree with or what I would've done myself but didn't Madonna fans do the same to make ASIB look bad? They even tried to 'expose' someone so there would be backlash against the movie. But thankfully.. ASIB is still going strong (unlike Venom, which is already critically panned)
  4. Who doesn't love tea? I do. But this is obvious.. I love Madonna's music, I hate her (non existing) acting abilities, and I can't wait to see ASIB tonight at the cinema
  5. Bad Girl

  6. Bad Girl


    I can’t @ Ursula claiming the best song from Erotica already
  7. Bad Girl


    https://youtube.com/watch?v=-l7lZ1ax4YY 0:12
  8. Bad Girl

    I got it the first time, thanks
  9. While listening to the song, she’s genuinely confused and after the song ends she’s laughing for minutes and laughing so badly that she’s crying. This is a mess. Usually she’s always open minded about music and she can pretty much like everything but she fucking hates this song “this is... this is bad. this is terrible”
  10. Bad Girl


    Reverse racism doesn’t exist
  11. A fan asked what’s Cardi B’s favourite song to strip back in the day. In an 1-month old video she said she liked dancing to house music and sings a little snippet of ‘Erotica’, then says that it was one of the songs she loved dancing to