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  1. It's so annoying some people keep saying ''Joanne is better than (....)'' like sis, if that's the case, why does Joanne only have a metascore of 65 and The Fame Monster 78?
  2. Bad Girl

    Artist Randomdonna

    Two days until the 20th anniversary of Ray of Light. I was listened a few songs from ROL again today and my wig was snatched, again.
  3. Fuck benjamin netanyahu.

  4. We both should make a Twitter ''insider'' account, actually professionally done, posting fake lyrics, then later saying it was all fake. With the intention of derailing GGD.
  5. Yeah, true. I honestly can't take most of the members serious there. They are so childish. And believe every 'twitter insider'
  6. Lately I've been bopping to her debut more often. Lost In Your Light is so good. Also Thinking About You is lovely.
  7. I got warned twice for making offensive posts towards a Trump supporter by Haroon and here I said so much shit and I didn't get warned.
  8. I want to get into CRJ but I honestly need someone to send me a list of essential songs, tbh. Or recommendations.
  9. Bad Girl

    Artist Randomdonna

    Last Saturday I bought Bedtime Stories (one of her best albums) for one euro at a record store.
  10. It’s a really big poster of the album cover without the release date or anything. When I’m on my computer I’ll take a picture and send it to you.
  11. I got a free Reputation poster at the record store. The poster is so beautiful.
  12. I got the biggest Utopia poster for free at a record store today. Including a poster of Reputation and The Thrill Of It All. I was so happy when I found it. There were three sizes, but I found the only big one.