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  1. Performance Lady Gaga | The Cure @ AMAS 2017

  2. Photos Gaga serving 90s bombshell pre-AMAs

    I thought I was the only one who thought she looked a little bit like 90s Mariah.
  3. Best song on Utopia?

    Arisen My Senses.
  4. Album Lady Gaga CD Collection

    I see you got the standard ARTPOP cover. The standard ARTPOP cover is harder to find than the special foil cover.

  6. Discussion An appreciation thread for one of her best music video's..

    ... Love profusion. One of my favorite 2000s madonna song and video.
  7. Gossip Lady Gaga wears a T-shirt with a pic of Madonna on it

    I love Gaga but this is some scorching hot truth tea.

  9. Discussion Beautiful Stranger Appreciation Thread

    It deserved the Grammy award.
  10. Achievement 12 years of COADF

    The album that spawned a memorable worldwide hit song remembered by everyone who has taste.
  11. Event EXCLUSIVE: Madonna Guest of Letterman for a Netflix Special

    Maybe she’ll say fuck fifteen times and ask him where her panties are.
  12. ''Plastic surgeon says Janet Jackson’s nose appears to be collapsing''

    I can’t believe you called Marilyn Manson Marilyn Monroe.
  13. Review #MonsterListens: Bedtime Stories (1994)

    In her song Love Song from Like A Prayer she sings “Time goes by so slowly for those who wait and those who run seem to have all the fun” or something and she used that lyrics as well in Hung Up.
  14. Björk | Blissing Me | November 15th, 2017

    To me it’s literally the perfect combination of Post and Homogenic I think this song is better than the gate
  15. Björk | Blissing Me | November 15th, 2017

    @Unapologetic Bitch Girl you need to find a way to listen to the single it’s so fucking good.