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  1. tilltheendoftime

    Celeb News

    lol i kinda want them
  2. tilltheendoftime


    Anytime You Need a Friend vs Never Too Far Away
  3. tilltheendoftime


    Looking In vs. Butterfly
  4. tilltheendoftime


    Close My Eyes v.s. Everything Fades Away
  5. tilltheendoftime

    She deserves to be put in the Hall of Fame, she's broken so many barriers for female singer-songwriters
  6. tilltheendoftime


    The RIAA finally updated her album certification for the Bodyguard, now it's finally 18x Platinum in the United States Also, IWALY is finally certified 7x Platinum in the US too: I LOVE A LEGEND
  7. tilltheendoftime

    Kiss it better baby!
  8. SHE LOOKS SO GOOD GORGEOUSNESS YES She's serving us Glitter teas, Mariah's powers really do get stronger as we get closer to Christmas
  9. tilltheendoftime


    Ikr, they honestly didn't though bc the Bodyguard was a monster success.....no one could beat it that year (i mean it's still the best selling soundtrack of all time in 2017) This is probably within my top 5 favorite performances of hers, Nippy SNAPPED! All At Once is still one of my favorite songs from her catalog & her first album
  10. tilltheendoftime

    These pics were from a calendar that she shot back in 1992 (Emotions era), before she got married to Tomato Motorola. She was already giving us TEOM teas 13 years prior , I love an innovating queen
  11. Migos was already trash bc of their homophobia, but this is so gross I don't stan Britney but she went through such a hard time back in the day, like let her live after 10 years
  12. tilltheendoftime


    Y'all remember when Whitney won 8 AMAs in one night, a legend only: But damn y'all look at all those nominees, especially for the female nominees.......Mariah, Whitney, & Janet.......pop music is so dead now in comparison