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  1. Wild Flower

    BTS - Boy with Luv 1. Intro: Tell Me 2. 1, 2! 3. Listen to Me 4. Wings 5. Boy With Luv 6. Oh My My 7. Superhero 8. Wings of Icarus 9. Outro: Let Me Fly
  2. Wild Flower

    I know I’m late, don’t @ me. BLACKPINK - Kill this Love 1. Kill this Love 2. Sinner 3. Messed Up 4. In More Pain 5. Commit to Love 6. Make You Cry 7. Sad But True
  3. Wild Flower


    “Yungkook” ... Fix it.
  4. Wild Flower

    Due to some difficulties and considering the ending date of this season in September, BTS is officially debuting on Season 12. Sorry @Ronlop and @Bleachella.
  5. Wild Flower

    REMINDER: BTS’ DEBUT IS GOING TO BE DELAYED DUE TO CONFLICTS OF SCHEDULES. P.S. @Ronlop hadn’t chatted with me yet on the basis of the game and how to play.
  6. Wild Flower


    sis... i already gave my rates for kamu and solo...
  7. Wild Flower

    @Ronlop, *looks at you in a way not even God would approve to do so* Where is Intro: Change on CAL Tube?
  8. Wild Flower

    BTS • BEST OF ME • TEASER “Magic Shop is a psychodramatic technique that exchanges fear for a positive attitude.” AUGUST 26, 2019 • YOU NEVER WALK ALONE. SPEAK YOURSELF. ”Show the best of you. I’ll also show the best of me.”
  9. Wild Flower

  10. Wild Flower

    BTS is attending.
  11. Wild Flower

    oh okay, sorry for the time.
  12. Wild Flower

  13. Wild Flower

  14. Cause they say that she delicious

    But I ain’t promiscuous

    And if you was suspicious

    All that shit is fictitious

  15. Wild Flower


    The exclusion of 2NE1'S Fire and I Don't Care, I-. Also the exclusion of Girls Generation and 4Minute title tracks.