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  1. I was listening to Shallow today and realized it's such a great song that deserved all the success it got I love the lyrics and the bridge where Gaga screams oh, ha, ah, ha Maybe I can be a fan... Oh wow that's in such bad taste. It reminds me of Trump's humor: not funny at all but offensive and disgusting. No way I can be a fan
  2. I was thinking that Medellin is the worst music video of MX era and yet the one that got the highest budget
  3. Are you suggesting that Gaga is a cold type of person, who tends to ridicules people she does not approve of and acts rude, vindictive and cruel for the sake of being cruel? Because that is Icy's attitude, you know
  4. actually a white ponytail which is Ari signature and very similar dress...that is way more than gaga and Icy got in common, unless you refer to their attitude? time for you to wear glasses, maybe?
  5. you should change dealer, cuz Icy clearly resembles Ari
  6. Just came across a very interesting trailer of a tv series on psychedelic substances. Perched to see it. Has anyone seen it already?
  7. I wish my grades would smoke weed too so we could both get higher fall5

  8. I need Ciao Bella on Spotify
  9. remember when you were super dick to me and my wife on cop? and now you're doing it to her here now? grow up, slimeball. 

    1. Galactic-Tiger


      nope, I don't remember and I don't wanna grow up, it's a trap. ari2

    2. sweetener


      remember when you came to my inbox on COP groveling for our forgiveness? because I remember that too.  stop being an asshole to people, especially my wife. 

  10. lol imagine thinking Paul McCartney knew who Rihanna was when she asked him about making a song together. She surely had to convince Paul somehow and not the other way round.
  11. Paul McCartney can rely on a huge fanbase just because of his name. While Rihanna was begging him for a quick streaming hit, Paul was attracting huge masses of people to see him live. Both his Out There Tour (2013-2015) and One on One Tour (2016-2017) grossed over $200 million, something Rihanna can only dream of. Meanwhile Kanye was one of the most talked about celebrities at that time and clearly contributed to the publicity of the song.
  12. Of course not, she was helped by the Beatles and Kanye. And without the help of Drake the lead single of Anti would have flopped too
  13. This era could have been handled much better tbh why the need to have a tour at all costs? Some eras are good without tours too and this tour was kinda rushed up
  14. I've enjoyed the Rebel Heart dvd tbh. I mean, let's face it: that tour was not that great but the dvd's creative editing makes it more interesting somehow. On the other hand, I totally agree with you about the MDNA release which ruined most of Madonna's epic dance breakdowns! I agree 💯 the S&S is her best tour after the Blonde Ambition tour. It is more creative and energetic and with better dancing than the Confessions tour!