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  1. r u kidding me or did u think to make a compliment by calling me faggot? I did not call you any derogative slang so I appreciate if you do the same, thanks. Also, I'm glad you payed attention to the examples rather the general concept. I even said that there are exceptions. I dunno in which world you live, but if you are watching the Earth world cup you will realize that football players are men only. Woman play football at lower level. Men are statistically more incline to like football and they are better at playing it because biologically speaking they have more testosterone which tran
  2. Bullshit. I'm expressing a general concept, meanwhile you are calling me names. Obviously you have the right to disagree with my opinion, but you don't have the right to insult me as a person just cuz you disagree with me. Moreover, I'm a proud gay person so I can ensure you that I got no interest to promote homophobia with my opinions. Instead of labelling me as homophobe and hoping for my internal discomfort, why don't you use your time for something more productive?
  3. Look, man and women are not different just because of their appeareance. SCIENCE has proved that they got different emotional response to the world. There is an entire branch of science called neuroscience of sex difference that studies the sexual dimorphism of brain structures. You are invalidating years and years of scientific work so shame on you! That said, there are kids who grew up without one or both parents and yet they are ok. I personally got a friend who grew up thanks to lovely nuns and she turned out a great person (she wouldn't be my friend otherwise). l also got friends who
  4. I'm a GAY PERSON TOO ffs!!! And I'm not defending the homophobic comments from other fotp users like @tomás, I'm just expressing my opinion on a forum and I'm trying to rise awareness on a topic that risks to damage the image of the gay community. Heterosexual couples with fertility problem are a different story because they can still provide the child with the essential male and female love, but ivf remains a controversial procedure also for them. That's a homophobic word. I'm disgusted
  5. If there is homophobia then it is due to your comments not mine. Fotp community is truly living up its urban dictionary's top definition.
  6. Yeah, it's well known that Madonna earned the title of undisputed Queen of Pop for the way she pops her pussy instead of her artistic talent She has sold more records and tour tickets than any other female artist in history just because the gp really wanted to pop that pussy. And back in the days when MTV was still a huge deal, Madonna got named the "Artist of the 80s Decade" instead of Michael Jackson only because she could pop her pussy like no other. Yeah, let the delusion flow through you.
  7. it's the HTS we are talking about. People watch it from every corner of the world because they like the spectacle, the visuals and the entertainment. The vocals and the song itself is secondary to that.
  8. You are so wrong it hurts. It's like you didn't even attempt to think outside your own ignorance
  9. obviously I would know but you would still be the last person to whom I would like to sell it, so rather than us agreeing to disagree why don’t you just be quiet.
  10. Actually I was kinda generous to include Blank Space too. Shake It Off is her only huge hit and still pales compared to Shakira's hits. The audience is mainly made by adult males not teenagers girls so nope, they won't remember quick little hits like Wildest Dreams, You Need To Calm Down or that "I'm to sexy" cover
  11. how can you forget them when you can literally count them in less than one hand
  12. Shakira got that hypnotic dance moves tho, while Taylor moves like if a wood stick is up her ass
  13. Oh wow the amount of TEA I spilled here. I didn't realize I was this wise ngl. This got to be my best thread ever in terms of quality.
  14. I was listening to Shallow today and realized it's such a great song that deserved all the success it got I love the lyrics and the bridge where Gaga screams oh, ha, ah, ha Maybe I can be a fan... Oh wow that's in such bad taste. It reminds me of Trump's humor: not funny at all but offensive and disgusting. No way I can be a fan
  15. Taylor got 0 stage presence, bland artistic vision and very few hits...what y'all smoking?
  16. Madonna invites Harry and Meghan to sublet her NYC apartment because Canada is BORING
  17. I was thinking that Medellin is the worst music video of MX era and yet the one that got the highest budget
  18. That is terrible news, I can't wait that long I was hoping for summer release ngl
  19. Ariana would slay imho, but if not Ariana then there is no question than P!nk would deliver a mind-blowing show. P!nk+Kylie would be ORGASMATIC
  20. no offence but you got 2 be an idiot to think this. There is a reason why every pop star keeps being compared to Madonna today and that is that nobody has ever peaked higher than her, except maybe the Beatles and Elvis. You got to be a huge idiot to think that winning Grammys is relevant to the career of an artist. If that would be the case then Beyonce would be the queen and not Madonna. So can we please stop giving Scammys more importance than they actually have? Bad guy is just one song and even if it peaked at #1 is not nearly as impactful as Like a Virgin or Material Girl, which
  21. we both agree that she has a good a stage presence then, which can be further improved though. However you implied that she's not ready to perform the HTS and I disagree hence my downvote. Especially after snatching at Coachella, Ariana has proved that she can deal with important shows. Moreover, if you think that the alternative could be Taylor Swift or Rihanna, it is clear to me that Ariana can do better than both of them. I mean Taylor has the stage presence of a wood stick and forgettable hits, meanwhile Rihanna got a larger catalog of hits than Ari, but her tours don't sell well for