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  1. Lucifer's Angel

    Ciao Bella
  2. Lucifer's Angel


    brave coming from someone who consider Sorry or Ghosttown among Madonna's top 10 best videos. What is there to stan about Sorry video, plz enlighten me and Ghossttown lose a lot of points to me for the simple fact that she does not lip-syncing...the video feels detached to the song and her dance moves and tango look feels like a low emulation of Shakira's style
  3. Lucifer's Angel


    You're pretty arrogant and delusional if you think your personal preference is an absolute truth. I wish you a day as pleasant as you are
  4. Lucifer's Angel


    open ur eyes. wake up
  5. Lucifer's Angel


    she looks beautiful on Music too, but he was complaining that Music is a boring mv when it's way more entertaining than the Power of Goodbye. Cmon from the very first instant you see Ali G face you know that's a fun video to watch! Moreover the slander of Madonna towards Like a Virgin it's hilarious!! Music is a catchy music video in which real Madonna and cartoon Madonna are perfectly blended together and in which Madonna shows P. Diddy how to do the real gangsta life
  6. Lucifer's Angel


    the NERVE when in your list you got the Power Of Goodbye in which Madonna is sitting on a chair 90% of the time playing chess. The entire video is a chess game, which ain't the funniest game in the world you know! The final minutes she walk on a beach and that's all
  7. Lucifer's Angel


    I edited, u need to calm down
  8. Lucifer's Angel


    right, that's more for MJ fans or priests
  9. Lucifer's Angel


    reading comprehensions skill duh
  10. Lucifer's Angel


    the cartoon slays careers and the video is funny as hell from the start to the very end thx to Borat. Moreover she serves iconic cowboy look and limousine. Finally, it's just extremely well put it together with very enjoyable graphics and scenes like the strip-pole dances one.
  11. Lucifer's Angel


    btw, what's wrong with Music? that's better than any song video on ur list BY MILES
  12. Lucifer's Angel


    remove Love Profusion, Sorry and Give Me All Your Luvin' and ur list will elevate
  13. Lucifer's Angel


    Ig it's more a matter on which drugs you are when u see them
  14. Lucifer's Angel

    make up >>>>>> lOver