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  1. Lucifer's Angel

    the image of the sweet "girl next door" was long gone after she release videos like My Prerogative, Slave and kissed Madonna with passion only Britney fans got shocked... it was predictable her downfall regardless of her breakdown tbh
  2. Lucifer's Angel

    I was alive and I even watched it live with friends and we could not care less about it. Maybe I was too young, but I don't recall seeing it in the front page of the main newspapers. Regardless, Madonna's Brits performance is iconic and unique while Britney's performance is and anyone really can pull on stage such Anyway, Britney delivered iconic performances of Oops I Did It Again and MATM but some videos posted in this thread are so delusional I really don't get y is so hard 4 u to recognize that Ariana performances since DW era have been better than most of other pop girls
  3. Lucifer's Angel

    it was front page on the major newspapers...I don't remember Gimme More being front page, like any other Britney performance tbh (minus the one with Madonna ofc)
  4. Lucifer's Angel

    again, slow down. Kylie holds the title of Princess of Pop too and for longer time than Britney. Madonna's fall at the Brits is more iconic than Britney's underwhelming Gimme More and got more front pages headlines. Being remembered does not always imply to be iconic, sometimes it implies to be laughing stock. Moreover, take out the snake and the Slave performance it ain't that big deal. Btw maybe there is a reason why nobody used snakes before Britney? Maybe you just look dumb and cruel if you do it?
  5. Lucifer's Angel

    still a shit performance that did not impact the pop world significantly, but only her own career and life. Again, Britney was not the first one neither the last one pop princess. The world keeps spinning and the throne is still occupied by the queen. imagine praising animal abuse
  6. Lucifer's Angel

    Should Dua Lipa performances be named iconic too, then? You can argue that Britney overall breakdown was an iconic moment in pop culture because of who Britney was at that time, but the performance itself of Gimme More is just an average bad performance. There were already speculations about how Britney looked like a perfect manufactured puppet of the pop industry and how her dance moves were robotic and emotionless. Her performances prior to that got a lot of undeserved praise imo, especially the Slave performance which is just cringe: there is nothing iconic about animal abuse.
  7. Lucifer's Angel

    iconic is memorable due to the fact that it is really good to the point of veneration almost. Do you celebrate Britney's performance? Nah it is cringe to watch it. MJ had some iconic performances, but his court trials are just repugnant and destroyed his career. That is not the iconic side of him.
  8. Lucifer's Angel

    iconic performance =/= low quality dance moves + lip synching Any pop princess at her peak would gain a lot of media coverage if she had a public meltdown. When someone at the top falls the gp is very thirsty of news. Are MJ court trials iconic too, then?
  9. Lucifer's Angel

    slow down lol Britney was not the first pop princess to fall from grace and it wasn't a cultural phenomenon by any way you look at it. Ok, Britney was huge, but still just another pop princess with a relative short career so it was expected a fall. It would be too easy for Ariana, who's the current pop princess, to have a public meltdown on stage in order to get everyone attention and secure an iconic performance, don't you think? I'm sorry, but generally speaking an iconic performance is something great that you shouldn't be embarrassed by.
  10. Lucifer's Angel

    there's NOTHING iconic about it ffs iconic =/= controversial/embarrassing
  11. Lucifer's Angel


    Albums: Madonna- Ray of Light Kylie- Fever Ariana Grande- Thank You, Next t.A.T.u. - 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane Eminem- The Marshall Mathers LP Songs: Madonna- Die Another Day Kylie- Can't Get You Out Of My Head Ariana Grande- God Is A Woman Eminem- Lose Yourself t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said
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    Madonna (1983) Best: Lucky Star, Burning Up, Everybody Worst: Physical Attraction, Think of Me, I Know It Like a Virgin (1984) Best: Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Dress You Up Worst: Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Shoo-Bee-Doo, Stay True Blue (1986) Best: La Isla Bonita, Open Your Heart, Papa Don't Preach Worst: Love Makes the World Go Round, Jimmy Jimmy, Where's the Party Like a Prayer (1989) Best: Like a Prayer, Till Death Do Us Part, Express Yourself Worst: Oh Father, Cherish, Love Song Erotica (1992) Best: Erotica, Secret Garden, Rain Worst: Did You Do It?, Bye Bye Baby, Fever Bedtime Stories (1994) Best: Human Nature, Secret, Take a Bow Worst: I'd Rather Be Your Lover, Don't Stop, Survival Ray of Light (1998) Best: Frozen, Sky Fits Heaven, Skin Worst: Drowned World/Substitute for Love, Candy Perfume Girl, Mer Girl Music (2000) Best: Music, Don't Tell Me, Impressive Instant Worst: Amazing, Gone, Runaway Lover American Life (2003) Best: Die Another Day, Nobody Knows Me, American Life Worst: Hollywood, X-Static Process, I'm So Stupid Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005) Best: Sorry, Isaac, How High Worst: Like It or Not, Push, Super Pop Hard Candy (2008) Best: Miles Away, Give It To Me, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Worst: Incredible, Candy Shop, Heartbeat MDNA (2012) Best: Beautiful Killer, Gang Bang, I'm Addicted Worst: B-Day Song, Turn Up the Radio, I Fucked Up Rebel Heart (2015) Best: Bitch I'm Madonna, Devil Pray, Best Night Worst: Auto-Tune Baby, Ghosttown, Holy Water Madame X (2019) Best: God Control, Extreme Occident, Batuka Worst: I Rise, Crazy, Future
  14. Lucifer's Angel

    lol so any main pop girl can show up on stage, make some bad moves and lip synching and then boast of delivering an iconic moment?