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    It's not just a fucking celebrity lmfao it's your idol for whom you are willing to spend $1000 ffs. When I was camping out for Madonna in the past I was not the only one btw. The all street was full of people and no one really sleeps cuz you don't wanna lose your spot in the line. It did require some surviving skills, but the wait it's also exciting and it's a great opportunity to make a unforgettable connections with the real fans talking about your fave artist for all the night. On the other hand, in a theater tour you don't need to line up for hours before the show and no matter what time you arrive you got secured a good spot. That is why I don't understand the lawsuit here. Why would you want Madonna's concert to end at midnight in the first place? Ending a concert at 4 am is way cooler imho. These "fans" are just spoiled rich people who believe that Madonna is at their service Great reaction to these stupid nonsense, queen! Unapologetic as always! That's why I stan her It's her job to deliver a mind-blowing show. She's the most professional artist in that respect you know
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    Of course she liked it, it's top3 best Madonna albums ever
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    Moonlight vs. Raindrops (An Angel Cried) Dangerous Woman vs. Blazed Be Alright vs. The Light is Coming Into You vs. R.E.M Side to Side vs. God is a Woman Let Me Love You vs. Sweetener Greedy vs. Successful Leave Me Lonely vs. Everytime Everyday vs. Breathin' Sometimes vs. No Tears Left to Cry I Don't Care vs. Borderline Bad Decisions vs. Better Off Touch It vs. Goodnight n Go Knew Better/Forever Boy vs. Pete Davidson Thinking Bout You vs. Get Well Soon DW wins, congrats!
  4. Lucifer's Angel

    Like what a better example of how fucked up Madonna's fanbase is? These so called "fans" are the first ones to bash her latest music albums and they would complain about the most insignificant stuff. Obviously they cannot complain about the quality of the show, but this is truly a new low. A concert should be a special moment that you remember with pleasure. What is the point to spend $1000 if you are going to spend $1000 more on lawyers? I could understand if the show sucks and it is not worthy the money, but for waiting few hours more it's ridiculous. Seriously, what other plans you got for the night anyway? What you got to do at 3 am after a Madonna concert if not sleep? After waiting years for a new tour, can you not reserve just one night only for the queen of touring? What is the big deal to lose few hours of sleep in exchange of a special experience? If you can't wake up the morning after the concert, just take a day off work or buy your ticket for Friday night? In the past Madonna concerts, I used to sleep on the street the day before to secure a good spot next to the stage...that is what fans should be willing to do for someone who they truly love. These fans were luckily enough to go to the theater only few hours before the show starts! How pathetic to enjoy the concert and then sue the artist for showing up late How old are those "fans" who sue her anyway? I mean, maybe for a 80 years old could be tough to be awake that late, but did Madonna fans really grew that old?
  5. Lucifer's Angel... my goodness, what is your issue? You purposely went through all my posts just to vote them down... WOW. You really are a special kind of pathetic aren't you... such a child! I'm sure that 'poorly educated, immature internet troll' may be a status that you relish whilst behind your keyboard, but believe me sweetie, it's time to grow up. If you don't like or disagree with my posts (or indeed the posts of other users), then ignore them... don't go on childish vendettas to try and bring people down to your level. There is a reason why your community reputation on this site is the the poorest. Grow up sweetie, dont be pathetic all your life. Good day to you.

    1. Lucifer's Angel

      wow what a meltdown, sweetie. I could have easily get your reputation negative, but I didn't cuz I downvoted only the posts I disagree with. The posts in which you praise Madonna, for instance, do not have my dislike and I'll never downvote those posts.  Unfortunately, 90% of your posts are very disrespectful towards Madonna and her latest album, and that is why I downvoted them. Why would I ignore such posts when I have the right to like them or dislike them? 

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    Only the queen of touring (Confessions Tour, S&S Tour, Rebel Heart Tour)
  8. Lucifer's Angel

    I'm not wasting more time quoting you again, but if you think that I'm a piece of trash then WHY you follow me? Just unfollow me and put me on ignore list, idiot.
  9. Lucifer's Angel

    I'm not racist and I'm not the one who's hallucinating here
  10. Lucifer's Angel

    I don't know what is your problem and If I have a fuck to give, I wouldn't waste it on your problems tbh. For what I'm concerned, I've never heard of Rihanna before and just because I'm on a higher level than you are doesn't mean that I use crack. Stay pressed, dumbass.
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    God Is A Woman
  12. Lucifer's Angel


    Mine vs Moonlight Sparks Fly vs Dangerous Woman Back To December vs Be Alright Speak Now vs Into You Dear John vs Side To Side Mean vs Let Me Love You The Story Of Us vs Greedy Never Grow Up vs Leave Me Lonely Enchanted vs Everyday Better Than Revenge vs Sometimes Innocent vs I Don't Care Haunted vs Bad Decisions Last Kiss vs Touch It Ours vs Knew Better / Forever Boy Long Live vs Thinking Bout You If This Was A Movie vs Step On Up  Superman vs Jason's Song (Gave It Away) Today Was A Fairytale vs Focus Dangerous Woman: 17 Speak Now: 1 I swear I'm not biased, that's just the