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  1. Discussion

    Stadium has bigger production and even if it reduces fan's interaction, the crowd of a stadium is much more united and on the same page.
  2. It is not about gay rumors. If he was transgender or Jewish and people start speculating on that, my point stands still. Those kind of speculations are damaging the community as whole, because the show the level of immaturity that we have reached. It is harmful to focus people attention on such cold topics. Gossip should focus on what people do, actions rather than people's inner psyche.
  3. pussycat dolls suck. They deserved to be replaced.
  4. Would you rather go to see the queen of touring in a stadium, arena or small theatre? Her last tour was mainly arenas and I was sooo close to Madonna and I almost touched her hand. However, a studium is an open space and the crowd there is much bigger and it feels more epic. Do u agree?
  5. I disagree. To gossip about sexual orientation/religion it is damaging and primitive. It is not up to you to decide the fucks people should give. Peace.
  6. you are not him tho and u got no right to say how he should response on his Snapchat. It is not a matter of being ashamed of who you are, but it is a matter of privacy. There are personal information that u share only with family and friends and you don't want the all world to know it. And you have the human right to have your privacy respected. There are many topics for gossip...why are you interested in knowing Shawn's sexuality? Do you think u got any chances with him?
  7. Discussion

    I love the reggae vibes and the beat, but the chorus is not that catchy imo. Let's face it. Ghosttown and lfl were not single material. In my humble opinion she would have snatched wigs by realising BIM as first single with epic grammy's performance. RH is full of bops and it is hard to pick up a single. I would have released the following singles, in this order: 1. Bim 2. Devil Pray 3. Addicted 4. Hold Tight 5. Best Night Unopologetic bitch slays as an album track tho.
  8. Totally disagree with you. Speculating about someone else sexuality or religion it is primitive, dumb and harmful. His sexuality or his religion are nobody's business!
  9. It is just normal to get horny watching Ariana and it has nothing to do with her looking young. Pedophiles are people who are mentally disturbed. Why should pedophiles force Ariana to change the way she is confortable to dress? Everyone should be free to choose how to dress without worry about others, especially if the others are mentally disturbed individuals.
  10. Rumor

    Life is inherently messy. Art is messy, art is chaos. At a certain point you got to realize that greatness is a messy thing.
  11. Janet does know some great dance moves, sure. Her dancing style is never-evolving tho. She recycles the same cool dance routines everytime. Madonna always reinvents her dance moves and she is two steps forwards when it comes to cool dance moves. Just check her last televised performance (from 3:50) and you should be able to realize that.
  12. Madonna's music videos have the coolest dance routines tho.
  13. Terrible music taste detected. Hard Candy is in the top 5 Madonna albums for quality, without any doubt. Madonna wins over Janet not only chart-wise and quality-wise but also touring wise. The rebel heart tour out-grossed the last five Janet's tours combined. To compare Madonna to Janet is just pointless.