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  1. Bizarre

    Lies. A guy with ur IQ should have a low voice too.
  2. Bizarre

    Stop spamming this thread pls! If you can't express an opinion just stfu. 1) calling me DUMB is an insult and you are SO luckyly that we are not in NHB and that @mods show favoritism towards you. 2)Calling ppl dumb when discussing of delicate ethical issues ONLY shows how ignorant and pathetic you are. Mod Notice Do not make death threats against other members.
  3. Madonna - the odoriferous fumes being emitted from the vast depths of her cavernous armpits are quite sufficient to act as a pesticide agent for all the cocaine fields in the entire country of Columbia. Even during the rainy season.
  4. Bizarre

    because practicing your religion is NOT a human right violation LOL.
  5. Bizarre

    that is a GOOD sign imo. BUT it's up to THEM to change THEIR traditions since we are talking about VERY MINOR damages, which shouldn't be used as weapon of discrimination against them. Regardless, I TRULY DOUBT that Jewish people can achieve that. Good luck in finding a different interpretation LOL.
  6. Bizarre

    I honestly didn't know that Muslims perform circumcision too. The ethical standpoint you are making is SO WEAK against the one that I'm trying to make: 1) Jewish people CANNOT stop circumcision on their sons because that is what God commands 2) Therefore, if you ban circumcision you are discriminating against Jewish religion. Indeed, you are FORCING Jewish people to make a decision between the law of State and the law of God. No HUMAN BEING should be forced to make such a choice, especially since we are talking about circumcision (and not pedophilia or much more harmful stuff). At the end of the day, Iceland is creating USELESS drama. That is NOT how you advocate for children's right.
  7. Bizarre

    I didn't BLAME. I simply ACKNOWLEDGED that the atomic bomb was build by Jewish scientists, which put emphasis on the fact that Jewish people, historically speaking, have demonstrated to be smarter than other populations.
  8. Bizarre

    Look, I would be against circumcision normally. the ONLY reason why I do support it it's because there is NO WAY that Jewish people will stop this practice. This is what God tells Jewish: You don't understand that it is FORBIDDEN for Jewish to not perform circumcision on their sons. It's not up to choice. It is what God asked them. Therefore, if you are going to ban circumcision you basically are going to ban Jewish people from your country. Now, if you look at the "harm" of circumcision you will realize that is NOT a big harm. To have less sensitivity (and this btw DEPENDS on the single individuals) or your gland gets dry is NOT a big deal. The Jewish population is HEALTHY and SEXUALLY SATISFIED regardless on their foreskin. So why, attacking their religion rituals? When you ban circumcision you are banning God's words, which is something that DOES NOT compete to the politics.
  9. Bizarre

    Lol. let's recap your BS. circumcision is harmful because: 1) It is a mutilation and as such it goes against our right of the bodily integrity 2) it makes the gland dry and therefore less sensitive to touch 3) it reduces sexual stimulation Therefore, children are NOT allowed to be Jewish. PATHETIC AND ANTISEMITIC.
  10. Bizarre

    No way! Which ones? No he didn't. Your reading skills have failed again, annoying being. u too since you claimed that circumcision is harmful but you failed to explain why.
  11. Perhaps...don't be a fastidious person
  12. Game

    Best one is S&M ft Riri Worst one all the rest.
  13. Xtina wins by landscape lol. BOMT is a shit song cmon! Btw I was expecting Toxic vs Dirrty xD Here you go: 1. Genie In A Bottle 2. What A Girl Wants 3. You Drive Me Crazy 4. Come On Over 5. Dirrty 6. Beautiful 7. Fighter 8. Can't Hold Us Down 9. The Voice Within 10. Ain't No Other Man 11. Piece of Me 12. Break the Ice 13. Not Myself Tonight 14. You Lost Me 15. Your Body 16.Feel This Moment
  14. Bizarre

    it's a rite of passage for Jewish tho. And it makes sense that children should be allowed to be Jewish, which is something impossible to achieve without circumcision. Therefore, waiting until the adulthood to do the circumcision implies missing important steps of your religion education that take place during childhood.
  15. Bizarre

    1. You cannot enforce by law discriminations!!!!1! If you ban circumcusion then ypu dicriminate Jewish. 2. A very bad biology student you are. This was your "explanation" on why it is harmful: " It IS a form of mutilation and it is harmful.". Damn it SO convincing LMFAO. Stop speaking with dogmas then and PLS explain us why circumcision it is harmful. Piercing is a form of mutilation too, you know. Not all mutilations are bad lol. And nobody with a brain wpuld compare foreskin mutilation with toe mutilation. Im pretty sure you must know their biological difference.