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  1. The One Behind All

    Bitch, pls. Mesopotamia people are not white last time I checked. Furthermore, the essence of all math is the number 0, without the 0 math would suck a lot and would be kinda useless. Well, guess what? The zero was invented in India. Last time I checked Indian people are black. About universities, think before coming to me with your ignorant bullshits. The Europe built its universities in the medieval age, like you said. Guess what? The Muslims built the universities before the medieval age. The Ottoman Empire was truly such an illuminated empire U_U anyway, guess what? The Muslim in the Ottoman Empire were black people too. Get a good book, maybe even two. You need it. So badly.
  2. The One Behind All


    She is slaying her normal human look, except for the bag. There is something I don't like about it.
  3. The One Behind All


    HC cover is actually dope and I love it, but there are too many cool Madonna's covers and I think it is just a matter of taste at the end. Personally, I prefer both MDNA and LAV covers to HC. Btw, Like a Virgin is one of my fav Madonna's albums ever and its cover is legendary.
  4. The One Behind All

    Sorry, she went #1 in 10: Australia Czech Republic Greece Hungary Ireland Malaysia Norway Portugal Singapore Slovakia but it was #2 in many countries, including UK, Germany, Austria and Finland. Again, it charted in the top5-top10 almost everywhere. I'm not lying, it was a huge smash in every fucking continent and it peaked at #1 worldwide. Here is the receipt: TRACKS week 18 / 2018 - May 5 compiled and provided by No Tears Left To Cry - Ariana Grande Republic - 371.000 - 1 week at No.1 - Hot Shot Debut 1 / 1 week 3 Nice For What - Drake Cash Money / Republic - 274.000 7 / 11 week 3 One Kiss - Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa Columbia - 235.000 2 / 2 week 14 God's Plan - Drake 2 Cash Money / Republic - 232.000 3 / 3 week 10 Friends - Marshmello & Anne-Marie Asylum / Warner Bros. - 203.000 5 / 5 week 13 The Middle - Zedd feat. Maren Morris & Grey Interscope - 188.000 4 / 4 week 9 Psycho - Post Malone feat. Ty Dolla $ign Republic - 186.000 On top of that it is a smash hit with longevity and huge streaming numbers. Stop embarrassing yourself.
  5. The One Behind All

    pls, don't come back EVER!
  6. The One Behind All

    Nope. Simply your ignorance disgusts me deeply. If you only studied properly history, you would know that black people invented math and they even invented the modern universities. Indeed. Muslims people created the universities before the Europeans. Stop embarrassing yourself.
  7. The One Behind All

    stay on topic, white supremacist.
  8. The One Behind All

    Lol get a reality check, your ignorance is astonishing.
  9. The One Behind All

    1. That is not an excuse. You didn't even used the quotation marks. That author of that article was probably a black person, you are not., 2. Let me clarify then: white people should NOT be proud of being white and should be ashamed for what white people still do today to black people.
  10. The One Behind All

    She went #1 in 11 major countries, including Australia, and top 5 almost everywhere. Overall, she peaked at #1 worldwide and I care only about being #1 in the entire planet. That is what I call a global hit: a hit that goes #1 in the world. I couldn't care less of being #1 in trump's land.
  11. The One Behind All

    You are white, you are not allowed to use the world Negroes Colonialism is a white people thing. Go study history for fuck sake. Also, check out the news cuz today in 2018 black people get killed in your country due to their skin color. Black people have the right to be proud of being black and have the right to say it out loud as they did in the '60s with the Black Power movement and today with the Black Lives matter. I'm not saying that white ppl should be ashamed of being born with white skin btw, I'm just saying that they should shut the fuck up about it.
  12. The One Behind All

    MJ was pure sensationalism. Overrated trash.
  13. The One Behind All


    I’m a poet, you’re a thief Welcome to my side of the street Drank my wine, freed the beast We’re all fighters in the revolution
  14. The One Behind All

    Nnn. Once you see one MJ's performance you have seen it all. MJ always does the same dance routine. On the other hand, Madonna can deliver flawless flamenco moves, indian style dance, voguing, break dance etc. You will never knows which dance moves Madonna will do next. She can dance so many different genres cuz she is a more versatile dancer than MJ. Said that, your minimalist approach is pathetic, cuz all the stage design and the visuals are part of the performance too. Otherwise, why don't you take out also the mic? It is simply not fair to remove all the stage design and visuals from a Madonna'c concert, cuz Madonna puts effort in every detail. The scenography, the backdrop videos everything is part of the performance. Does MJ even know what is it a backdrop video?
  15. The One Behind All


    Nice to see that American Life and Die Another Day hit the #1. I love Canada's taste