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  1. The One Beyond All


    There are some angelic vocals at the end of GIAW that put Ariana on a league of her own in today atmosphere. GIAW is vocally and lyrically better than NTLTC. Ariana made a brave choice. She's a leader and leaders don't just follow the mass: they show them a direction. NTLTC was still submitted for a big category, so I don't get all this crying. At the end of the day that award should have a meaning for Ariana so I'm proud that she's following her TASTE.
  2. The One Beyond All

    Giaw is a superior bop and the best music video of all time. Grammys are a joke, but I wouldn't mind if she wins as she deserves it
  3. The One Beyond All

    Welp, as of today ASIB is still not a global top5 hit.
  4. The One Beyond All

    does it count for inflation tho?
  5. The One Beyond All

    When the queen of music sang Don't Cry For Me Argentina from the royal balcony of Buenos Aires, thousands of people were moved and cried. This is clearly seen in the film, but you might think they were actors paid to cry or Madonna's fans. But no. Thousands of Buenos Aires' citizens came to hear Madonna sing for free. They had not been paid and had not been told to cry. Evita's songs like Don't Cry for Me Argentina and You Must Love Me are not only beautiful from a vocal point of view, but they deeply touch your feelings. The only ones who cry when they hear Shallow are onions.
  6. The One Beyond All

    Honestly, only remarkable thing bout Shallow r Gaga's vocals Venom is one of my fav songs from Eminem's latest album with The Ringer and Kamikaze just above it. The hook is impossible to forget and the lyrics are dope af Probably Gaga got so many votes on the poll cuz many users still believe to Eminem's homophobic allegations. Shame.
  7. The One Beyond All

    go listen to don't cry for me Joannina
  8. The One Beyond All

    vs Looking for honest opinions, don't forget to check the poll You vote matters!
  9. The One Beyond All

    Don't let Trump fool you. In the EU, we roll like a boss
  10. The One Beyond All


    Ari's powerful vocals elevate the song imo
  11. The One Beyond All

    General News

    Friend with Kevin Spacey? Check Many allegations from different victims? check https://www.dailywire.com/news/23096/attention-circles-back-director-bryan-singers-past-paul-bois He ruined X-men: Apocalypse by sabotaging one of the greatest villain in Marvel universe? Check This guy is a monster and deserves to be jailed for the rest of his life.
  12. The One Beyond All

    welp, that's the proof that being top 5 in the largest music market does not guarantee to be a global top5 hit. BIM ranked #84 on the Hot100 but go off.
  13. The One Beyond All

    she's #27 in the world. Everybody CALM DOWN.