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  1. The One Beyond All

    The power of goodbye
  2. The One Beyond All


    Ariana truly served astonishing looks and concepts this era
  3. It has naked people. Non stop kissing, alchool and prob drugs. Crazy unicorns costumes and psychadelic light atmosphere. Also the puppets room is that room you want to jump in at a party. Music and dance everywhere. A endless party full of insane people and celebrites. Rave parties found shaking ngl.
  4. It is the most viewed mv ever and it has more monthly viewers. That means that the gp enjoys re-watching it more. Also every "best list" is an opinion so your point is wack. BIM is objectively one of the best mv ever to portray how party is done properly. Full of dope and sick scenes. It goes hard but u free to seethe.
  5. BOW DOWN to the undisputed queen of streaming
  6. The song has more than the double of living for flop streams. The video is dope AF and top10 best Madonna mv EVER, that's why
  7. Charts r not everything, but still BIM was the only track making it into the Hot100. Lfl was the lead single and got promoted both at the Grammys and especially at the Brits. Bim was promoted only at the Tonight Show and that legendary performance is still not available on youtube. Said that, stop the delusion. BIM hugely OUTSREAMED the other singles. It has more montly listeners cuz it aged better. Also, BIM is the most viewed Madonna mv on youtube EVER, i.e. the most known single out of RH globally.
  8. The One Beyond All


    RH is already a Classic that's why the cover
  9. yes, there are. You just never learned them. Like it or not, both the Queen and her husband are some of the most talented rappers in HISTORY, so bow the fuck down. Also Britney and Selena admire eachother. So leave the Mexican Madonna alone, thx.
  10. The One Beyond All

    Bitch, she's Madonna
  11. The One Beyond All


    What a Look What a Message #MyPresident
  12. The One Beyond All


    Can't Get You Out Of My Head. Can you blame me? That la-la-la hook is impossible to forget. Pop music in a nutshell.