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    Friend with Kevin Spacey? Check Many allegations from different victims? check https://www.dailywire.com/news/23096/attention-circles-back-director-bryan-singers-past-paul-bois He ruined X-men: Apocalypse by sabotaging one of the greatest villain in Marvel universe? Check This guy is a monster and deserves to be jailed for the rest of his life.
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    welp, that's the proof that being top 5 in the largest music market does not guarantee to be a global top5 hit. BIM ranked #84 on the Hot100 but go off.
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    she's #27 in the world. Everybody CALM DOWN.
  4. The One Beyond All

    It is not obvious to me. Where is the shade? I just explained to you the intention behind that pic, dummy. Ofc I took it from your profile, but with all good intention my friend. Moreover, you do not own the rights of that pic. Everyone can take it and use it. You should feel honored that I took it. I would never make fun of the mental illness of somebody, because I suffer of mental illness myself. It was me appropriating ur image rather than mocking it. Please do not incinerate me edges, whatever that means! Instead, try to be more lovely and stop threatening me or telling me what I should think or enjoy, cuz then I can lose my patience and as I told you I'm out of my meds!! Back to the topic, Madonna already crowed Britney as a princess and now she has done the same with Ariana. It is the queen that decides who is her successor, not an old committee of corrupted men. If you wanna talk about the GP, then you should know that Ariana is WAYYY more successful than Gaga. Ariana's lead single NTLTC debuted at #3 in the US (while Shallow debuted at #5) and at #1 worldwide (while Shallow at #27). In other words, Ariana is charting higher than Gaga. Moreover, she is more streamed. On top of that, Lady Gaga's name is becoming forgotten, because her last headlines were ages ago. The unfortunate event of Manchester, on the other hand, has made headlines all over the world and nobody will ever forget her name anytime soon; while Gaga needs that oscar so bad to be really remembered. I conclude saying that If Mariah would start using the universally acclaimed miraculous MDNA skin care she would look way hotter!
  5. I didn't cry. It needed a strong storyline imo. She looks stunning tho
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    Cuz Arilegend never disappoints with her albums and she can do that whispering notes and vocal magic that only few singers are able to perform.
  10. The One Beyond All

    Lmfao. Ofc you'll let me think and post my thoughts on this pathetic thread, cuz there is still freedom of speech and you must respect different opinions. Said that, you are not the only one suffering of mental illness and you are not the only one who can use that picture. I've been recovered in a mental health house and altho I've been released I am still not 100% mentally healthy. I still got to see the psychologist once a month 😥 It was no shade at all, but the simple truth. I am out of my medication rn and therefore I am not able to control my nerves. Back to the topic, Madonna has earned the right to determine who's the main pop girl, while the Grammys have not.
  11. The One Beyond All

    Dear OP, in which planet do you live? Cuz on planet Earth, Ariana is a bigger house hold name than Gaga. Indeed, while Gaga had to move to acting career cuz nobody was here for her last albums, Ariana released the best music video of all time. And it happened that in that music video there was an appearance from the highest rank pop girl of all time, also known as the one and only queen of pop Madonna, who officially acknowledged Ariana as the main pop girl of today. Madonna has never made a cameo on Gaga, Rihanna, Miley or Demi's videos. Let me tell you why. It's simple: cuz they are not worthy. You got to realize that great artists don't win grammys and grammys do not make artists great. Furthermore, Cher got the title of "goddess" of pop without having a single #1 album. This means that having a #1 it is not a main requisite to be successful. What you need to be succesfull at the end of the day is talent. And that is what distinguish Arilegend from all the other trashy female pop girls of today