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  1. The One Beyond All

    Frozen Now there's no point in placing the blame And you should know I suffer the same, if I lose you My heart will be broken Love is a bird, she needs to fly Let all the hurt inside of you die, you're frozen When your heart's not open
  2. The One Beyond All

  3. The One Beyond All

    To pull the safety excuse is so dumb The use of facial recognition for safety is unnecessary and disproportionate and that was agreed at the United Nations. The damage that Taylor has done is incommensurable. All those young kids identities can be used for a plethora of stuff. Not sure if she was just a selfish whore who put her safety way up there against the human rights of her fans...or if some dark company payed her to make a big census of young kids. Who knows, but in both case she is over for me. The fact that she did not apologize it's disgusting and beyond outrageous. It was her action and her choice to violate human rights. On the other hand, Nicki didn't violated any human right. Nicki's actions are inspiring and noble. Love is a noble thing and Nicki's only action was to fall in love with a rehabilitated man. She's not defend what that man has done in the past, she just telling the social media mess that they are in no place to judge her She cannot stop loving him immediately, even if she wants to. Love is irrational and cannot be controlled, you know. and she loved him since she was a child. Btw the fact that her bf was rehabilitated it means that anyone can meet him on the streets or in a pub cuz he is not considered a danger anymore. The shame that he was rehabilitated is on the justice system. So stop blaming Nicki, idiot.
  4. The One Beyond All

    Her best one.
  5. The One Beyond All

    you need to realize that an Instagram caption means nothing compared to real actions and real stuff that prove that Madonna has never stopped fighting racism since her debut career in the 80's. The LAP video is a great example. What she says to her own son is a private business and should not be taken that serious. Period. actions in real life>>>>>> posts on social networks.
  6. The One Beyond All

    deluded. Again, she was fighting racism before you were born. Bring respect, fuckwit.
  7. The One Beyond All

    nah Madonna build her career on backlash...she can handle that kind of stuff, not everyone has that btw. If she meant it she would have not give a shit to stick with her artistic vision.
  8. The One Beyond All

    she denied it
  9. The One Beyond All

    that is fake. Stop spreading lies an vile claims. Madonna was fighting racism before you were born and she's currently the biggest philanthropist alive building hospitals and schools in Africa. Go watch the Like a Prayer mv and seek knowledge plz.
  10. The One Beyond All

    to use of black face is not always racist (I don't remember Madonna using it tho) and she used the N word towards her own son. It was not meant in a racist offensive way You are reaching....
  11. The One Beyond All


    Deserved to be top3
  12. The One Beyond All

    Again if you cannot forgive your abuser is ok. But there are victims who have forgiven their own rapist. Both types of victims are morally ok. Also there are rapists who have been successfully rehabilitated like Mike Tyson. This happened because according to the law, not me, a rapist can be socially forgiven if he proves to have matured in jail and afterwards.
  13. The One Beyond All

    Some victims have forgiven their abuser. Mike Tyson was rehabilitated. Pedophiles like murders cannot and should not be rehabilitated.
  14. The One Beyond All

    A sex offender can be rehabilitated. A murder cannot. Unfortunately Petty was not convicted for murder. She doesn't know it yet...it takes time and psycological peace to realize it. She needs to take a break from him to be able to see things with rational perspective. Stream Blind Love by Bon Jovi
  15. The One Beyond All

    She's supporting the supposed " new matured person", not his crimes.