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  1. Photos New candids at The Grove

    I think i would like it if her hair was bit darker but as it is it reminds me of Malfoy
  2. Photos New candids at The Grove

    new pics
  3. Photos New candids at The Grove

    I really hope that like the grannyhair in 2004 this is just a in between look and not what she is going for next era. It looks greasy and thin like that.
  4. Other Fighters! Check out my Xtinamas tree!

    omfg you know how people write "lol" but dont actually laugh in real life? I laughed in real life. that was funny.
  5. Photos New pics at DJ Khaled's birthday party

    Wow I actually really like this look. Im even getting used to the hair. Love her make-up like this.
  6. Discussion How will Xtina release X6?

    lbr the most broing and unoriginal way possibe.
  7. Discussion It's December...

    Yeah sure the thing that bothers me is the lack of communication. She said it would be released at the end of 2016 then never talked about a release date again. Just say "I wasnt happy with how it was coming along and decided to make some changes" or something like that. Dont just delay your album 2 years without an explanation. She has so few fans left I really dont think treating us like this is good for her brand. I mean just look at the comments under her useless Facebook or Twitter updates about the Emoji movie or Oreo related stuff. Fans are loosing patience.
  8. Discussion It's December...

    Its December 2017 nd still no album news despite her putting finishing touches on it in Febuary and saying it will be relased at the end of 2016. 2018 will be the third year of me thinking we are getting a new album.
  9. Discussion Where is the 20/20 interview?

    It wasnt an interview. She just showed up, met the family and said how she liked the book and sang beautiful. It was posted here. On the 18th I think.
  10. Celeb News New interview snippet from Grammys Greatest Stories

    ok found it on Tumblr.
  11. Celeb News New interview snippet from Grammys Greatest Stories

    it was deleted
  12. Event Christina Aguilera at the 2017 AMAs | Discussion Thread

    To me it looks like she added to much on the note before and didnt have enough time to breathe after and thtats why she was late. She quckly took a breath when she heared the music. And thats when she was supposed to sing.
  13. Performance Christina Aguilera Tribute to Whitney Houston - AMAs 2017

    agree. her natural softer voice is so angelic and beautiful.
  14. Performance Christina Aguilera Tribute to Whitney Houston - AMAs 2017

    I hate to be negative but I'm really disappointed. She has done so many beautiful Whitney tributes and this was the worst. Also didn' like the look.
  15. Photos New Instagram Post AMA Rehearsal

    Yeah but if she just got them she won't