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    Birds of Prey You Lost Me Lift Me Up Woohoo Little Dreamer, Monday Morning Stronger Than Ever Not Myself Tonight Desnudate, Prima Donna, Vanity Bionic I Am All I Need Bobblehead I Hate Boys Glam My Girls Elastic Love Sex for Breakfast
  2. ANOM bothers the shit out of me. I get what they were going for and it would work if Christina wasnt just standing there. If they were all lined up against a white background and dancing in unison it would be a nice visual but since she isnt doing anything it just looks boring. At this point I would rather have Christina lipsync (with pre recorded vocals like Beyonce) parts of the show so she can move more. All the visuals in the world dont matter if you arent moving a lot. Also she is constantly not singing the choruses anyway. Might as well pretend to sing them.
  3. yeah. Visually im totally satisfied witht he show. It looks fantastic in pictures Even in fan pictures where shows usually dont look that great
  4. The only nice Section in Britneys Residency was the Jungle section. The rest looked bland and the visuals were cheap and tacky. I love Britney but that show did her discography no justice. With Chrisitna I wasnt expecting much so it was impressive to me. Also there is not a single picture of the pice of me show where the stage looks beautiful, colorful or impressive. Wheras visually there is a lot going on in Christinas pictures. The candy section is also very nice (minus her hideous costume) but I couldnt find a nice pic.
  5. The production looks great but it kind of annoys me that she is just standing or walking during so many fast songs. Your Body, Not Myself tonight, Cant hold us down, Aint no other Man, Candyman, Wohoo, Bionic, Accelerate, FTM, Let there be love and she is SITTING during a huge chunk of Dirrty. Im not expecting her to be Beyonce or have every second choreographed but she could have had a little armography for Your Body and some choreo during NMT ESPECIALLY the final seconds where the drums kick in. Aint no other man and Candyman she is doing her same old choreo but hal assed and not fully. Come on Girl you can do better.
  6. what are your guys favorite and least favorite Parts? my least favorite is the lack of dancing and my favorite is that she is doing so many songs (even if they are short versions) also
  7. Mercy on Me and Makes me wanna Prey have better vocals than anything on Stripped imo. I prefer Stripped the album but her vocals were better on B2B imo
  8. Im expecting Liberation Tour 2.0 with maybe 3 other songs.


    i hope she moves around a bit more this time. not seeing her in the dance rehersal is not a good sign tho.
  10. yeah. Also she clerly isnt happy about it otherwise she wouldnt upload photoshopped pictures like the 4th of july pics or this gem she posted reality
  11. yeah. I mean how is this working hard to be in good shape?? She was in better shape after her pregnancy. dont get me wrong. Look wise I think its fine. But her performances suffered because of it and it bothers me that she isnt trying harder. You have enough money to get a trainer, a chef and anything else you need to be the best version of yourself.


    People will say that she copied madonna if she does that.


    yeah i think so too. Damn. What a waste of talent.


    that was so lame. I really hope she actually has a decent budget for this show and has great dancers and maybe acrobats since she clearly isnt interested in doing much on stage.