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    Im really happy its doing well but I just dont get it. Most of the song to me is just noise and unpleasant to listen to. But I generally dont like it when she sings like that it kind of reminds me of We Remain. But its obviously helping her career and getting her name out there again so Im happy about that.


    I was just comparing the quality of the lyrics never said those were leads Also I would rather have a messageless song that sounds fantastic than a bland scream fest. This song just isnt for me. And since 7 people in this thread dont have it in ther top 3 and 3 have it as their least favorite Im obviously not the only one. Why cant you just be happy that you like it so much without trying to convice us that we are wrong for disliking it?


    Its called having a different opinion. If its top 3 for you thats fine but If someone absolutley hates the song thats fine too. To me its a screamfest and honestly as far as songs with messages go I think the lyrics arent good at all. Compared to Walk Away, Fighter, Cant hold us down or Hurt or Oh Mother, they just arent as good. I mean this is just weird and disjointed Show some skin Make him want you Cus God forbid you Know your own way home Ask yourself Why it matters Who it flatters You're more than flesh and bones and this is downright cringe worthy Yea, two, three Right, two, three Shut your mouth Stick your ass out for me March, two, three Two, three Who told you You're allowed to think


    Dirrty Genie In A Bottle Not Myself Tonight Your Body Aint no Other man Fall in Line I like Fall in Line but for me its not lead silgle material... its filler. The only reason its doing as well as it is is because it got a lot of attention because of Demi.


    I don't enjoy her debut vocals in live performances that much.
  6. if you had to compare it to a ballad would it be more like: I will be, you lost me or the voice within? I CANT LISTEN
  7. same. Most of the pictures from the Billboard shoot would be wayy better but still simple.
  8. keep negativity out of this section?? So we are not allowed to voice our opinions??
  9. honeslty the song is bland and the music video is kind of gross, what is the obsession with her mouth and tounge?? Cant belive we waited 6 years for this mess
  10. yeah but you acted like you have no possible way to support the song. Obviously streaming is fine.
  11. Serbia has Apple music. + you could buy her single in physical copy in a store or via Amazon.