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  1. It would be nice if she actually looked like that Cant wait to see new pap pics soon where she looks totally different.
  2. I like that she enjoys collaborating but its depressing how much better her collabs do than her solo stuff.
  3. It kind of bothers me that her top 4 songs are collabs.
  4. Christina is my cup of tea when she is just standng and singing. For me she was the total package up until 2010. I dont know what happened but none of her dancing has been impressive to me since then and unfortunatley women in the Superbowl have to work a lot harder than men. Of course they focus on dancing because they dont have vocal ability.. but thats the type of show the Superbowl is. This would be received 10x better than anything Christina did since 2010. Since her last Superbowl apperance was a disaster she would have to be PERFECT. She would have to show u
  5. I cant believe I believed her IG posts and thought she got in shape lol. Cant wait for the new music. Hope we get the Pink song too.
  6. That performane is 6 years old. Show me anything she did during the Liberation tour, Xperience or Xtour that was remotley Superbowl worthy.
  7. Im not taking anything away from her legacy. I just dont think that most people are interested in seeing her at the Superbowl. She isnt popular enough. Also the last couple of female performers set such a high standard that I dont think she would end up looking good. She just isnt the performer that she used to be. If she did it and slayed then I would be super happy and gladly admit that I was wrong but honestly the shor little PCD reunion performance was more impressive than anything Christina has done performance wise since 2010. So I dont really have a reason to get my hopes up. If this w
  8. I dont think she is big enough anymore tbh. Most young kids just think of her as a TV personality. I hope if she does it that she actually works her ass off and doesnt deliver what she did in Vegas. Especially after Shakira, JLO, Beyonce, Madonna and Gaga. The standards for female performers are really high.
  9. I hope we get that Pink collab on her next album but I also want a Kelly Collab. This was beautiful.
  10. yeah its just so ... loud. I remember when I first got it I was 10 years old and was really sad because my family wouldnt play the album because "her screaming is distracting and annoying" lmao. I didnt feel that way then but I can see what they were saying now. I prefer the 2020 version because her voice is a bit deeper and makes it sound more soulfull.
  11. Its impressive but too noisy for a Christmas song imo. You cant play that album quietly in the background on Xmas eve.
  12. Dunno what she is up to but she apparently got new management and we still didnt get the Digital 20 year anniversary album that was promised last summer.
  13. I really hope this helps her career but it will do nothing if she doesnt want to put the work in.
  14. 6/10 its not amazing but its not bad either. Its better than any of her Liberation promo performances tho... which is sad.