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  1. I thought she would get in shape for her new era. She looks pretty but I really hope she won't be as out of breath as she was during the festivals she did in 2016. She wasn't even dancing. She needs to slay her live performances.
  2. only if this album does well. If it flops and she doesnt have any hits this era, she will give up again and go into hiding again.
  3. Rumor

    for me the vocals are the main problem. I think they are too "screachy" (Im lacking a better word) and she will get dragged for "screaming" again. I really want to be proven wrong tho. Also I cant imagine this will sound good live.
  4. Rumor

    to be honest Fall in Line is a fine track but its not single material. It will bomb hard. I hope she has better stuff on there.
  5. Single

    I dont think they would have leaked 3 lq seconds from one song and the full Hq of the other tho.
  6. Single

    I like it but I cant help but wonder if this will sound good live?? Especially the last minute is a bit "screachy"
  7. Discussion

    El Beso del Final, Walk Away, Get Mine Get Yours, Infatuation, Im Ok, You Lost Me, Birds of Prey, Impossible, Wohoo
  8. Single

    Can you send me the link too??
  9. Rumor

    same... 12 songs in 6 years??? If thats true then I want her to release the spanish record max a year later.
  10. Single

    this guy still has the song on his Twitter! https://twitter.com/hebg1989
  11. Discussion

    Also my favorite fun Bionic Lyrics: " Thinking it's cute to act real dumb But the jokes on you, you're stupid hon " " Body so skinny but your head's so fat " " Talky, talky, talky but you don't say shit Got a way with words, you give me nothing, bitch " " Laugh in your face but behind your back They say "I kinda like her booty but the girl is whack" " "Never mind, screw him I'll make myself so much wetter " " It's not my fault I'm the shit And I'm a bad ass bitch " " All the boys think it's cake when they taste my (woohoo) You don't even need a plate, just your face Ha! Licky-licky yum-yum what a great guy "
  12. Discussion

    Lmao this place has been so empty and boring we are all latching onto you and living through you discovering Christina music because we havent had much to discover in the past 6 years. Just out of curiousity what did you think of Mercy on Me, Makes me wanna Pray, Nasty Naughty Boy and Still Dirrty?
  13. Discussion

    I love hearing peoples opinions when they first hear songs tht I love for the first itme. Its kind of like re discovering it and obvioulsy the passage of time makes it even more interesting.
  14. Discussion

    Because it was the first time one of her albums didnt do well and at the time a lot of fans hated the image change and the "lack" of vocals on Bionic. The GP at the time accused her of copying Gaga so thats why they shaded it (Christina said way before Gaga came out that her next album was going to be futuristic)
  15. Discussion

    thank god you didnt start with Lotus