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  1. people talked about it but Taylor actually finally looks healthy so people saw it as an improvement. She also didnt have a huge gut like Christina did. I feel like if you gain in your thighs and boobs you are fine for the public but as soon as you get a big gut people dont think its cute. Christina went from this to this Taylor from this to this


    I would prefer Unless its with you. Never really liked Like I do.
  3. wow you are taking this really hard. lmao. You wrote that 99% of them are photoshopped like im retarded for not knowing that. They arent and thats why I dislike your comment. But if it makes you feel better... I will undislike it. jesus.
  4. I really wish she would have released it as a single and sang it at the Grammys. Hope we dont get another Flop in line performance. I hate that song.
  5. they arent. The video version is photoshopped to make her look better. Show me the unedited versions of these pics if they are all edited. Besides... who would photoshop entire gallerys and why?? and why are these in christina fan gallerys if they are all edited??
  6. she was fat and wore terrible clothes.


    I mean yeah.. until Britney came back with In the Zone in 2003.


    Its my favorite Era becasue I was a huge fan, saw the Stripped tour live and loved the album. I even sacrificed having decent eyebrows for 3 years because I loved her so much.
  9. she said after Beautiful that this was just the first leg of the tour.
  10. oh didnt know they said that... that was dumb af.
  11. Im sure it takes time to make sure the veues for both shows are close together and available. Be patient.
  12. what are your faves? More than 1 answer possible btw.
  13. like I said I dont care look wise.. but she isnt performing to the best of her capability and that annoys the shit out of me after waiting 11 years for her to tour. She is out of breath, cant get up or walk stairs without help, lipsyncs the second she has to move a tiny bit... Its just unprofessional. Like I said: you dont have to be stick thin to be in good shape.
  14. come on stop making excuses.. she looks overweight on camera because she is. I dont mind look wise. You do you girl but I think its disrespectful to us. She can barely move without being out of breath. She lipsynced the second she did more than walk around a little. I dont know if she is an emotional eater and stress ate a lot this year but she seemed to be in better shape after giving birth. i dont get it. You dont have to be stick thin to be in shape.. KGBtina would have been fine. At this point she is almost Lotustina sized. Look at her waist. She did something to make sure her face doesnt look like it usually does when she gains weight but her belly, boobs and thighs dont lie. I mean she is standing next to biological men and is still looking huge despite her being a naturally svelt person.