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    Because it's a self-written love song, and is Gaga's song as well!
  3. But the remixes of it are really good and boppy though
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    What is this? She's been making the exact same song for the last 4 years
  5. Is she even aware of the fact that she has a new fragrance coming out?
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    This album was such a ride. You can tell she had so much fun making it, and it really isn't meant to be taken too much seriously imo. High Road is highkey the best song of 2020 so far, and Birthday Suit is the most Ke$ha song.
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    Ouch, that sucks. The April release is kinda late though, the album should be released in February. There' almost 6 months between the lead and the album, I don't know how they'll be able to keep the era and momentum floating until April.
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    I'm claiming Break My Heart
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    Save us
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    Don't know how I feel about this plan
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    Tracy Young's remix for I Rise won a Grammy
  12. Also worth mentioning that A Star Is Born officially becomes Gaga's most awarded era at the Grammys, with four wins, surpassing The Fame Monster with three. Much to think about.
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    Checked this album last night out of curiosity and it was such a pleasant surprise. Didn't expect to enjoy this record as much as I did. To anyone who's looking for an accesibile pure pop album full of catchy hooks, give Hard Love a shot, you won't be disappointed
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    Why? The dots don't connect to something very promising. Her Interscope deal is only for three studio albums, her physical condition is getting worse, and so on. At least that's how I feel it, and even if M15 will happen some time, I don't see it coming earlier than five-seven years from now.