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  1. nice to see you again. fad
  2. LMAO COP is like closing down in a month.
  3. i thought you were dead oh well
  4. Dancing Queen


    Why y'all hate Mean?
  5. Dancing Queen


    sign me in
  6. Dancing Queen


    P!nk - Family Portrait/Dear Mr. President/Lonely Girl Britney Spears - Shadow/Everytime/ Girl In a Mirror Adele - Chasing Pavements/21(as full album)/Million Years Ago/When We Were Young/I Miss You/Make You Feel My Love/Hometown Glory Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (as album)/Change/You Must Love Me(cover)/some tracks from BTD(Video Games/BTD/Carmen/DMD/Blue Jeans) Madonna - Rain/ The Power of Goodbye/Frozen/Spanish Eyes/Live To Tell/Oh Father/Miles Away (mostly emotional) ABBA - Winner Takes It All (obvs.)/S.O.S. Lady Gaga - Hair/Brown Eyes/Angel Down/Till It Happens To You Katy Perry - Pearl/Not Like In Movies/ I'm Still Breathing/ Save As Draft Kesha - Praying Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home/ When You're Gone/I'm With You/Mobile(nostalgic tears lmao) Rihanna - California King Bed/Higher/Rehab Miley Cyrus - The Climb Some one hit-wonders such as Hey Deliliah, Bad Day, Mad World and etc. I guess I'm an emotional person
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    @Urbanov take ur ass to here, it is a miracle
  8. Dancing Queen


    3.W.H.O. - PlayingKween
  9. Dancing Queen


    @Urbanov murdered my v a g i n a
  10. Dancing Queen


    1. goodnight n go - Urbanov 2. goodnight n go - Ghostface 3. breathin - Moonlight 4. breathin - Luca 5. breathin - Halcyon 6. b y e b r e a t h i n - RapidQueer
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    1. Better Off - Ghostface 2. R.E.M. - Luca 3. REM - Divine 4. better off - fuck 5. better off - Moonlight 6. REM - Urbanov 7.better off - Slaying Kween @Ghostface @Urbanov I'm not going