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  1. In The Zone - 100 Blackout - 110 Circus - 100 Femme Fatale - 45 Glory - 85
  2. My mother dragged Mcriah I- moo12 

    I sang high note and she told me I was Mariah Carey... rip3 

  3. I heard once Hard Candy and now I'm more avoiding it. Dunno, but I got annoyed with the same beats tho
  4. Lately I've been speaking with British accent.

    Fucking Skins series, I- jj4 

    Although, It's kind of funny, bcuz I hate it along with Scottish jj4 

  5. Are you shook as I am? Or excited? No? Then guess what? Kill urself (reported for being threaten every1) Anyways! @Régine Filange has sent me his nominations, but there's a shock twist Instead of 2, he nominated 3 More juicy drama! You can save only one song Everyone vs Womanizer vs Toxic 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Good fucking luck
  6. and yet it's never been finished. I bet Overprotected/Toxic won the whole megarate, oh well Keep trying good sis, @Brinty
  7. fuck it I'm your new host @Régine Filange as Flop Of Me (autobiographical tho ) send me PM your nominations