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  1. nice to see you again. fad
  2. LMAO COP is like closing down in a month.
  3. i thought you were dead oh well
  4. Dancing Queen


    sign me in
  5. Dancing Queen


    P!nk - Family Portrait/Dear Mr. President/Lonely Girl Britney Spears - Shadow/Everytime/ Girl In a Mirror Adele - Chasing Pavements/21(as full album)/Million Years Ago/When We Were Young/I Miss You/Make You Feel My Love/Hometown Glory Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (as album)/Change/You Must Love Me(cover)/some tracks from BTD(Video Games/BTD/Carmen/DMD/Blue Jeans) Madonna - Rain/ The Power of Goodbye/Frozen/Spanish Eyes/Live To Tell/Oh Father/Miles Away (mostly emotional) ABBA - Winner Takes It All (obvs.)/S.O.S. Lady Gaga - Hair/Brown Eyes/Angel Down/Till It Happens To You Katy Perry - Pearl/Not Like In Movies/ I'm Still Breathing/ Save As Draft Kesha - Praying Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home/ When You're Gone/I'm With You/Mobile(nostalgic tears lmao) Rihanna - California King Bed/Higher/Rehab Miley Cyrus - The Climb Some one hit-wonders such as Hey Deliliah, Bad Day, Mad World and etc. I guess I'm an emotional person
  6. Of course Marry You by Bruno Mars and Gimme More
  7. Dancing Queen


    Idc, it's a flop ending Everything placed as randomizer 5. Wake Up Alone 4/3. TDOTO and He Can Only Hold Her Comeback song - Love Is A Losing Game Winner - Love Is A Losing Game Yay for @Ghostface Ig
  8. Your point of view may be... questionable. Haven't you checked therapist or smth like that?
  9. I love when a person ( either female or male) stands up for himself/herself. I'm very proud of her too tho Gender equity is my main problem to solve with other ppl tho. It's hard Mostly of my classmates are d-bag and likes to judge other girls like nothing. Pigs.
  10. YAS BITCH READ HER TO FILTHH! Drag her ass tho
  11. Imagine being hugged by priest and his hand on your bewbs Me neither