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  1. Photos Christian has a tattoo of Gaga!

    messy and cringey lmao At least he can easily turn it into a Sailor Moon tattoo when they break up
  2. Photos Gaga bringing back the 80s on Instagram

  3. Photos Gaga bringing back the 80s on Instagram

    looks like she has been trying to find the perfect look for LG6 lately LG6 is near I know it
  4. Celeb News 'A Star Is Born' officially rated R

    must be good then
  5. Celeb News Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez spotted kissing

  6. Other Gaga tweets about the visual remake of the Bible

    Amazing Video, should have been the second single Wish we would have seen more of this look tho
  7. Achievement 12 years of COADF

    the music, the looks and the tour were perfection tbh She really was on point this era I just wish the music videos were better, they are very cheap and basic imo, she could have done a lot more with an album like that but still amazing
  8. They have just announced that gay marriage is one step closer to becoming legislation with a 61.6% vote for the 'yes' campaign. Let's celebrate Here is the live stream http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/abc-news-24/NS1413V001S00#pageloaded https://www.pscp.tv/abcnews/1yoJMMYqDQwJQ congratulations
  9. Single Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato | Echame La Culpa | November 17th, 2017

    perched for this so here for this Latino domination we've been having lately Havana's success is no coincidence
  10. Performance Confirmed: Gaga will perform at the AMAs

    IKR? John wayne was the best video this era and the single had potential for some killer performances and yet it wasn't a single Meanwhile the cure was randomly released with no video and now she is promoting it 7 months later lol this girl I swear, still love her and her messiness since Born this way tho
  11. Performance Confirmed: Gaga will perform at the AMAs

    not a 7 months old song I was exited for that Frankenstein rumour tbh, monsters on twitter always hype non existent stuff oh well still better than nothing, I would prefer a John Wayne performance tho, it slays at the Joanne tour and professional recording for it would be nice
  12. Other Westboro Baptist Church members protesting outside Lady Gaga’s concert in Kentucky

    Lmao I would I have the time of my life if I was at that concert with those protesters my twerking skills would be highly used infront of them
  13. Which Gaga song are you listening to?

    Joanne is seriously full of great songs I like it a lot more than ARTPOP I never thought I would like a simple pop rcok/country record like Joanne more than a very Gagish dance record like ARTPOP