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  1. looks like all my favs are over then Out of all my stan badges, icky Martin and Beyonce are the only ones safe
  2. Discussion

    I'm just gonna write the non-singles songs to make it more interesting The Fame - Like it rough, Disco Heaven, Paper Gangsta TFM - Dance In The Dark, Monter BTW - ScheiBe, HML, Goverment Hooker, Electric Chapel AP - Aura, ARTPOP, MJH, Venus, Sexxx Dreams C2C - Joanne - John Wayne, Diamond Heart, Dancing In Circles
  3. Music Video

    she looks a mess the entire video tho I like it tho but it's not AMAZING and definitely doesn't compensate 4 years of Nothing
  4. yep we are all getting old Let's hope we can get more videos anytime soon cause she hasn't really done much with her videos from C2C and Joanne I don't wanna be even older by the time she releases another good video
  5. true tho I doubt even herself can sing Emotions anymore but honestly I like her whispering kind of songs more (any song from Butterfly, Daydream, Rainbow, TEOM) than her power vocal songs like Emotions or vision of love
  6. I mean ..............
  7. Game

    Ricky Martin Vuelve - The Cup Of Life Ricky Martin - Shake Your Bon Bon A Medio Vivir - Maria LADY GAGA The Fame - Lovegame The Fame Monster - Monster Born This Way - Marry The Night Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation - State of The World janet. - That's the way love goes The Velvet Rope - I Get So Lonely
  8. Celeb News

    yeah I also feel more appreciation to artists that also play instruments (at least one) and can also dance that's the full package for me, I don't really care about your vocal range as long as you can do all of that together sadly Kylie lacks all of that and that's why I never got into her
  9. Photos

    a queen like her deserves a better man tbh he looks like he could be her father
  10. Cardi won't last for so long and Nicki is already over Female rappers always have a short life becuase of sexism and ageism anyway I will 4ever stan Cardi B because of this, so relatable
  11. Havana ha Million Reasons
  12. Discussion

    I want her to have Red hair the next era with classy looks, kinda like what Janet did with the Velvet Rope era or Rihanna with her LOUD era a slay