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  1. please send me a link for this album
  2. Ricky Martin

    didn't like tbh let me bop to Lotus instead
  3. Ricky Martin


    it is what it is
  4. Ricky Martin


    call me Basic if you want, I don't care but my trinity remains the same Her Debut Bubblegum album -Christina Aguilera Lotus, this one was fun, I loved it Back to Basics
  5. Ricky Martin


    I think it's her worst album so far tbh and it's so gonna bomb on the charts
  6. exactly poeople believe just because they are fans but Dr Luke could be innocent and all his life and reputation is destroyed already without any proof if he is guilty he deserves to be cancelled and punished for life but if Kesha has been lying then she deserves the biggest backlash someone could receive lets hope the innocent gets justice
  7. Ricky Martin


    I'm not really feeling it tbh maybe it will grown on me but I'm kinda underwhelmed
  8. at the end of the day none of us know shit only Katy, kesha, Gaga and Luke know the real truth
  9. Ricky Martin


    Deja Vu, Crazy In Love or Run The World
  10. Ricky Martin

    Post videos or performances of your favs most sexual moments Janet Jackson Would you mind Ricky Martin (this one is cringey as fuck tho, but still sexual ) Lady Gaga (actually she hasn't realy had her sexual moments imo, maybe Alejandro or Lovegame? your turn
  11. Ricky Martin


    jsut fixed it thanks
  12. Ricky Martin


    one of these 2 the ENERGY these 2 make me feel BANGERZ indeed the first one inspired me to fight to make my dreams come true and the other one simply puts me in the mood to enjoy life
  13. what if Kesha has been lying all this time? Imagine the mess
  14. Ricky Martin


    I've always been more into the Standard edition, is eye candy imo
  15. Ricky Martin

    Moonwalk by a lot it's more respected and more baddass imo Someone Voguing is cringey as fuck tbh, especially if it's a man I used to take dance lessons and one time they Forced to do a voguing, embarrasing