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  1. Album

    if she wants to succed she needs to release a new Back To Basics/ Burlesque kind of thing that kind of music would slay these days, plus she always sounds the best with it Bring it
  2. yeah he is spanish only man but he is actually a dancer too and can slay both Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias when it comes to dancing, plus they are all around the same age and he is puerto rican like Ricky Martin this is him slaying that choreo and this is his best ballad imo (he is mostly a ballad singer, but they are all glorious)
  3. I mean they have bops but overall his early material is still the best, he is not evolving into a better artist imo you should check out the poor sis Chayanne, he is sooo underrated in this world, even in Latin America probably cause he never really tried to crossover like Enrique Inglesias or Ricky Martin
  4. people should leave her alone, she is a very nice and funny person I wish her the best
  5. Album

    I feel like she is actually going to try this hard time and have her 3rd comeback the pop girls have been lame these recent days so she could show the world why she is called the queen I'm perched
  6. I feel like he is the latin artist with the weakest and most generic music since 2009 and the new song always being worse than the first one he trully sold out since 2009 plus the lines "se me paro" and "se me va a parar" are so....
  7. nope Joanne>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. yep this is her ARTPOP era, that explains a lot
  9. I hope something like that can happen again with a new popstar of course with a woman cause we know that even 40 year old man can still find success these days the double standards are real
  10. not her mom exposing her like that, lmao
  11. the thing that impresses me the most about JLO is how she was almost 30 when she released her debut album and still enjoyed success a decade later we know how ageist the music industry is and I think it was even worse back then, plus she was latina she did that even when she was against all the odds
  12. should I remind them that their first sold out stadium was in Mexico? we latino monstruos deserve better have fun with your vegas thing
  13. SSM It's really confusing me here in Mexico, lol SSM is only legal and performed in like 15 states but they are recognized in all the 31 states so you don't perform SSM in most states but still recognize it everywhere? therefore I see people saying SSM marriage is legal in Mexico and others saying it isn't because of this make it legal everywhere then lol hopefully these news will fix this mess
  14. definitely But I feel like it was too gay for the GP. LOL