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  1. Ricky Martin


    HB Madonna thank you for opening my eyes about social issues like racism, sexim, agism, politics, religion, etc you changed the world
  2. Ricky Martin


    I like this more than Joanne's pink hat
  3. Ricky Martin

    Cardi looks like someone that could easily dethrone Nicki she already has 2 #1s so...
  4. Ricky Martin

    Ricky Martin will be a legend by then
  5. Ricky Martin


    1.- Monster 2.- Born This Way 3.- ARTPOP 4.- Joanne 5.- C2C 6.- The Fame
  6. Ricky Martin


    the album feels more powerful without hair, bad kids, fashion of his love and the queen tbh I like black jesus tho imagine the album like this MTN BTW GH JUDAS Americano ScheiBe Black Jesus Bloody mary HU HML EC Y&I TEOG SLAY
  7. Ricky Martin


    before stanning Janet Jackson I honestly never gave a fuck about Michael but Janet kinda introduced me to him and now I'm so into Michael's music and ´performances but I can totally see why he may not like him, still it's one of those things you don't want the media to know tho
  8. I'm suddenly a 5 year old
  9. Ricky Martin


    I totally forgot she did that the movie awards are THAT irrelevant
  10. Ricky Martin


    is she really done with the VMA's forever? I want her to debut the LG6 lead single there
  11. Ricky Martin


    they all clearly copied Hannah Montana's maid Emily Osment in her music video Lovesick
  12. Ricky Martin


    already better than the album covers of AP, Joannae, C2C and BTW Please be the album cover
  13. Ricky Martin


    this poster is exactly what I wanted the ARTPOP cover and the era's aesthetic to be like I LOVE IT, it hope the new album cover is either this or something like this
  14. Ricky Martin


    definitely, this album is a masterpiece and still sounds ´phresh to me, sometimes ti soulds futiristic and sometimes it sounds classic but it never sounds dated to me, you can tell she really tired and loved this album