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  1. Sugar Baby


    no this look being better than anything from Enigma
  2. Sugar Baby

    I kinda agree, they are still bops and hits tho
  3. a bop this song is everywhere so I'm not surprised
  4. Sugar Baby

    Celeb News

    Cheek To Cheek 2 feat Katy Perry is coming
  5. Sugar Baby

    Gaga, Beyonce and Christina have all aged like wine SLAY Madonna and Britney on the other hand
  6. I support these message Toxic Masculinity needs to go away I can already tell the type of men who are offended by this plus I've seen plenty of men who behave exactly like those men in that video towards women and other weaker men
  7. Sugar Baby


    The Beauty JUMPED OUT
  8. Sugar Baby

    Celeb News

    Britney, Ha Impact
  9. Sugar Baby


    I want Cercei to win It'd be so predictable if John or daenerys win plus Good people always wins in movies and tv, it would be great if the evil wins for once, A CONCEPT
  10. Sugar Baby


    ARTPOP should be named Venus instead and I would change the album covers for BTW, ARTPOP, C2C and Star is Born for these BORN THIS WAY Standard Deluxe VENUS CHEEK TO CHEEK A STAR IS BORN and the singles for BTW, ARTPOP/VENUS and Joanne should be like these BORN THIS WAY 1.- Born This Way 2.- The Edge of Glory (with original mermaid video) 3.- Marry The Night 4.- ScheiBe (performed at the VMA's, don't care if it flops, the iconic moment would have been there) 5.- You and I for the holidays 6.- Close the era with either JUDAS or Heavy Metal Lover ARTPOP 1.- Applause 2.- DWUW feat Christina Aguilera 3.- Gypsy for the Holidays 4.- Sexxx Dreams Remix featuring a hot girl like Britney or Rihanna, Slay JOANNE 1.- Diamond Heart 2.- Million Reasons 3.- John Wayne 4.- Joanne TOTAL SLAYAGE CONFIRMED
  11. OMG YASSSSSS the oscar is next we love a talented queen winning grammys, golden globes, critics and soon Oscars A LEGEND
  12. Sugar Baby

    Celeb News

    amazing still sad their collab didn't get a music video
  13. Sugar Baby

    I don't care about them I was just making a point
  14. Sugar Baby

    one is in jailr and the other is dead and their music is still selling like crazy, looks like the GP doesn't when will our favs