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  1. Sugar Baby


    does anyone have a good Cheek to cheek solo cover? I hate seeing Tony's face everytime I wanna listen to C2C
  2. Sugar Baby


    talent should always win and this time it did
  3. Sugar Baby


    for some reason these 2 give me Winter vibes
  4. Sugar Baby

    Celeb News

    better late than never
  5. Sugar Baby


    she is over they said.......
  6. Sugar Baby


    This is the direction she should take next, that's what I said, but she is soo gonna flop with this so the Madonna and Katy Comprassions make no sense, they are way too different so are their abilities
  7. Sugar Baby


    she doesn't have the music, talent, ideas and attitude too do that she has never been taken seriosuly by the world because of that
  8. Sugar Baby


    except Madonna was never a Hannah Montana/Bubble gum popstar like Katy Madonna was always very mature in her music which allowed her to grow artistically and musically, even during her debut Madonna was not as childish as Katy, Madonna was more Badass
  9. Sugar Baby


    she should go the Pop/Rock accoustic career from now, just her and a guitar...........and long hair the Katy Perry product we all loved is something that SELLS A LOT in her prime but burns out very quickly
  10. Sugar Baby


    not like another PRISM/Teenage Dream would work again, she is in her 30's now her career as a Successful Popstar is over
  11. Sugar Baby


    I stan 4ever the only reason I never really liked her was her silence in politics, she always gave me this typical "Republican White Girl" teas glad I was wrong
  12. Sugar Baby

    General News

    her career is over, there is no turning back for her