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  1. Xtinaislife


    Say Something was also very successful and at the end of the day its a popularity contest.
  2. Nah listen to the non pitched version it’s still pretty awful
  3. If she stopped the baby voice maybe she would stay on pitch.
  4. Xtinaislife


    I this is more of her being sick and less of her damaging her voice. She did damage her voice badly during the stripped tour and b2b tour but not until very far into them so I doubt she damaged her indestructible voice this early on
  5. Xtinaislife


    Stronger Than Ever and Walk Away. Ohhhh and Obvious it's so relatable
  6. she about shit her pants hitting the C#5 in Maria, but in FIL she hit the cleanest Eb5 that whole night.
  7. Maria was awful vocally but by the point she sang a Mans world her voice was really good so I think she just needed to shake off the nerves
  8. Actually she performed it in 2014 at New Orleans jazz fest while pregnant
  9. Xtinaislife


    The chorus is amazing, the lyrics in the verses are so damn dumb I can't believe someone actually spent time writing them. I swear she Adlibbed all the lines
  10. Xtinaislife


    I guess the lyrics "tell them to get in line and kiss your ass bitch" just don't speak to me
  11. Xtinaislife


    I agree, except I think vanity is her worst song ever not shut up.
  12. Xtinaislife


    Well she gets in sales what she puts in in effort. She deserves bad sales
  13. Xtinaislife

    Celeb News

    Awesome, I've been meaning to quit taking sleep supplements so now when I can't sleep at night I'll just watch this boring ass interview
  14. For the tour I expect lazytina. She'll talk her way through most of the songs on the set list, just stand still but still be out of breath, and possibly crack out a couple high notes. And she'll use the same visuals she's been using on the billionaire tour.