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  1. I think she did good. She should add in some easier placed high notes if she wants it to sound epic. Because without xtina it's not very epic.
  2. Other

    It's been since 2015 for sure. She even said she recorded Fall in Line years ago.
  3. Performance

    That was... interesting. They served looks. Demi was nervous and Christina experimented and it didn't pay off at some points.
  4. Performance

    LIVING for her look during her warmups. She looks -4 years old ugh her mind.
  5. Discussion

    The rubber band was an analogy, you could even say it's a metaphor.
  6. Discussion

    What about b2b version?
  7. Discussion

    Lotus has so many songs, a lot of her best for me. But my god she should have sued the rejects who mixed the tracks because it ruined all of them.
  8. Discussion

    2011/12 wasn't as bad as ppl say it was vocally. In fact I thought she sounded better then than she does now.
  9. Ya... it's weird there really isn't one. It doesn't feel very climactic
  10. This song is beautiful but I feel like it's missing a section of music. As it stands now it kind of bores me which is weird because her ballads usually suck you in. I just think it's missing something to change it up towards the end.
  11. Performance

    Really this bitch ain't coming anywhere near me...
  12. I love the song but I'm sad the music video is flopping so much
  13. All the ppl wishing it was just stripped or b2b 2.0 need to have several seats. If they even remotely paid attention they would know Christina is not someone who does more of the same. She moves on to a new style and concept every time.
  14. Back when summer was still being breastfed. Now she's in school
  15. I'm not too upset about the cardi collab not happening. She already has enough collabs. Also I love her support for Demi's vocals