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  1. Xtinaislife


    Honestly, it's been weeks since I've listened to any of liberations music. It just wasn't as great as I was hoping it would be, and xtina has proven she refuses to try and excel at anything at this point in her career.
  2. Xtinaislife


    God she is being so lazy... why does she do this??? It's like she did a ton of photo shoots before the era started so she could just post pictures to twitter as promotion instead of doing something. Ppl are gonna complain that the GP is sleeping on this album but my god nobody probably even knows it exists.
  3. Xtinaislife


    I don't really like it... it kind of reminds me of Sam Smith music composition wise which is NOT good for me.
  4. Bitch this album has the least skips out of any of hers for me be happy sis
  5. I skip Twice, Accelerate, all the interludes except IDNIA, Like I Do, honestly Unless It's With You don't drag me. Oh and Masochist
  6. Girl needs to get up earlier and start working her voice. It would be on brand for xtina to only awake an hour or two before the show lol
  7. Her voice was in terrible condition. Girl was choking on some pretty easy notes
  8. Xtinaislife


    I'm not gonna bother ranking them in numbers bc I don't like enough to make a comprehensive list but I LOVE Little Dreamers, All I Need, Stronger Than Ever, Bionic, Birds of Prey, Prima Donna and I Am. I skip all the rest but yet I still think it's her best album.
  9. Xtinaislife


    I love the little background vocals like 'coming down, coming down' the way they sound just grabs my ear and ughhhh so good
  10. Xtinaislife


    I think the sample made it sound all the more badass.
  11. Xtinaislife


    that LEGENDARY crack in Fall in Line tho... Fall In Line Today Show crack >>> Fighter Today Show 2010 crack
  12. Xtinaislife


    I used to love Bionic the most but I think I prefer Liberation. I never cared for Stripped or B2B too much so to me I like Liberation the most right now
  13. Girl sang her face off in a way she hasn't in a loooonnngg time. It wasn't perfect but I'm glad she's back to oversinging and not undersinging like she had been for a while.
  14. Xtinaislife


    Honestly I think i would only get rid of accelerate and Twice and it would be my favorite album of hers. I know ppl love Twice but I feel like it's a bit weird in this album and Unless It's With You is THE ballad of the album.
  15. Xtinaislife


    Deserve and Pipe are my faves. Honestly I like Unless It's With You until she goes a little too hard on the raspy vocals