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    As much as I love stripped and b2b, neither of them were as inventive. Christina explores genres that had already been done before, whereas with bionic at that time it wasn't really a popular genre or style of music. Plus vocally I think she sounds the most pleasing on bionic, with her more relaxed approach. And the bops of course.
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    Meeeeeeeeeee. I know a lot of ppl hate it but I LOVED it. Christina sang so effortlessly on a lot of the tracks and had so many different approaches to her vocals. And MOST of the songs are bops that are still bops to this day. But I'm also biased to it so objectively I know b2b was a much more structured album.
  3. She does little 'hints' every month or so. She probably checks the fan pages to laugh in evil delight in our misguided excitement, knowing well that she ain't delivering an album any time soon.
  4. For someone who is over her feud with xtina and forgives her she sure won't stop bringing up that they had a feud. Like girl out of all u could've said to show your newfound friendship you say that.
  5. I think part of the reason why now people are sort of less a fan of her voice than before is because she rarely does tv performances, and her voice has changed so drastically. I mean if someone hadn't heard her voice for 3 years and it was lighter then suddenly she sounded nearly like Cher, they'd probably be shocked and join the hate train towards her voice. I DO think it translates to reality because I've heard ppl talking about how they think she is overrated.
  6. She is definitely better than what the tribute was, but even those good vocals were all over a year ago except Stormy Weather which is coming up on a year now too . I'm praying it's because she is hard at work recording X6 but honestly, her voice sounded like it was in very very poor shape.
  7. I didn't think Kelly sounded off? At least not timing or pitch wise. I think Christina was just nervous and also needs a vocal coach that will actually help her.
  8. Honestly, I REALLY disliked that. She shouldn't have pushed her voice so much when belting, because she couldn't even get through IWALY which we know she can sing the phrases of. I was hoping she would serve vocals but she kind of served looks at least.