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  1. On 6/1/2019 at 11:49 PM, Mondcard93 said:

    I feel like we were led on by the rehearsal videos regarding Makes me wanna pray haha! We saw the choreo and what was that long note when she was in rehearsals on Instagram? I’m thinking it was gonna go in the gospel segment but they cut it out last minute. 

    Maybe she plans on doing different songs on some nights?

  2. 17 hours ago, Bionic-Boy-84 said:

    I wonder if she managed the powerful note at the end of Candyman, and what Vanity was like live?


    Can't wait to see the merchandise! I know someone who is going who is hopefully going to pick me up a programme. I wonder if she will adjust the merchandise for the x tour?

    She doesn’t do the candyman note live, she hasn’t since 2007, so it was the same playback as always.

  3. On 5/3/2019 at 11:48 AM, COOKIES said:

    yeah. Also she clerly isnt happy about it otherwise she wouldnt upload photoshopped pictures like the 4th of july pics or

    this gem

    she posted





    While i don’t really care about her weight, I find this photoshop deeply disturbing. She literally cut herself in half I-

  4. 10 hours ago, StrippedX said:

    Honestly I feel like she might drop something next year but that might just be me being delusional brit15

    She probably could with just unreleased tracks. Liberation was so short and we know she likes to release 8hr long albums usually so I bet she left a ton out

  5. 1 hour ago, Kirjava said:

    Let's not get our hopes up just yet. moo1 But she did mention that "special album in the vault".

    She has a shitton of leftovers from Liberation-sessions, it would be easy for her to just drop a short album compiled from those songs. And let's not forget that the things she did with Mark Ronson have never seen the light of day either. (Mark has confirmed on a recent Reddit Q&A that those were for her album).


    If this turns out to be for a perfume tho. dead2

    Watch it be for a perfume. Can’t wait to see a cardboard cutout of her at a mall booth.

  6. 5 hours ago, Anita said:

    This is something about FIL I cannot get over: Why is there even a key change for the final chorus if she NEVER sings it live moo1

    Omg yes it’s so annoying bc it kills any adrenaline the song has built up. Also lowkey in the demo the key change was bad too Demi made it an actual climactic key change with her high note.

  7. 10 hours ago, knoxavel said:

    that's a lie.



    But it’s literally not there is footage every night and at least half the time she’ll skip hard vocal moments in the song and sing different runs or just not sing at all. Idk y ppl are interpreting this as me saying she is bad at singing now. I’m saying this specific song doesn’t really sound great most of the time.

  8. 7 hours ago, BlancMac said:

     Xtina still sings great. Yes, her voice may not be the same as it was twenty years ago but she still shits on newer singers. 

    She has a great voice but she rarely sings Fall In Line in a good way. The Eb5’s on tour were good and the D5’s were but the entire chorus was usually bad and she skipped singing it. There was one night where for a whole thirty seconds of the song she didn’t sing it was just her backup. And it was supposed to be the climax. That’s pretty unacceptable.

  9. 3 hours ago, Liam said:

    B2B second disc should of been scrapped besides Hurt!! On Our Way/Back In The Day/Without You are top ten Xtincta songs!

    I can’t believe you would scrap Nasty Naughty Boy... I can’t wrap my mind about it. Save me from myself can get the can for sure tho

  10. 4 hours ago, knoxavel said:



    i have to tell you 5 is false: a friend of mine was at the recording and said they recorded it 3 times and used different parts of all 3 recording so get the final version. but he could be lying .... that shady a** b*tch


    number 3 you better be ready to catch hands because you do not say that about LM4M, SOAR, KOSMS, TVS, and cruz ... UNDERAPPRECIATED - sure, have at it!

    I refuse to believe the story the friend Is telling. Look at the way she turns to the side and how she opens her mouth when she hits the F5 in I’m every woman. It’s almost the same pose she does when lipping the candyman high note. Also she just overdoes a lot of her movements and it feels like she planned the faces and poses ahead of time. As for number three I feel like KOSMS and Soar wouldn’t be skips if they weren’t BOTH on the album but they just feel too similar to be on the same album.

  11. 1. Vanity is trash. I understand the lyrics are supposed to be playful or whatever but they are laughably bad... the ONLY good part of the song is the high note.

    2. Her body has always looked good. Ppl say she is dressing wrong for her body but she’s never looked big to me you’re all just used to toothpick pop girlies...

    3. Stripped has a LOT of skips... Loving Me for Me, Underappreciated, Soar, KOSMS, TVW, Cruz are all skips for me.

    4. Light Up the Sky is one of her best songs if they just fix the mixing issues.

    5. Christina completely lipped the Whitney hologram performance. It wasn’t dubbed. You can tell she is lipping bc she’s making all the same faces and gestures she does when she lips. It’s painfully obvious.

  12. 6 hours ago, lovechristina said:

    There has been a huge improvement 


    In 2012 all she would do was strain through every note, but now she compliments the melody, emotes better, and improvises outstanding embellishments. I will admit, when her confidence is down she returns to her bad habits. But the liberation tour showcased some of her best vocals of the 2010s

    This is only a snippet of her improvements, there are other videos that showcase her improvements but I thought it would be annoying to post 5 giant boxes but you can see for yourself. 

    Keep in mind she rarely did performances that weren’t televised in 2012. She has ALWAYS sung better on tour than tv. Look at her NYE or iHeart Radio performances. She sounds awful. But look at her private performances from 2012 she sounded pretty good. She could sing up to E5 with ease. Specifically the one Crazy performance on the stupid voice tour they did. She hit many eb5: and even an f5 with ease

  13. Y’all need to grow up with this mess of telling people to spend money they don’t even have to see her... we adults bitches and part of being an adult is being financially smart, not everybody can blow their money on seeing xtina. It would be nice but either way xtina ain’t gonna starve so mind ur business.