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  1. I forgot to add that the show is pre-taped 3 days ahead
  2. that Britney Gif has me DEAD lol It was, but the show had a lot of things wrong with it, too many re-tools, Covering the glass windows with this foggy plastic so you can't see the billboards outside, renaming it Total Request List, timeslot changes to 7 am LMAO MTV is the most desperate company of all time
  3. http://www.mtv.com/tv-schedule Removed from the lineup Thank god, & never come back please.
  4. its sad that getting roles is that hard
  5. Sabrinas boyfriend on 90s hit Sabrina The Teenage witch, How old are u LMAO
  6. So sad =( What most people don't know most sitcom actors work normal jobs after the show ends to make ends meet. MANY TGIF stars change their appearance as to not be embarrassed by fans while they are working. No one really posted this so I thought I would. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6131071/Sabrina-Teenage-Witchs-Nate-Richert-supports-Geoffrey-Owens-Trader-Joes-photos.html
  7. Something feels like it was jakked, like the lyric structure or something, something seems like it was lifted. Not sure what song but I am 100% sure. Elon won
  8. I am looking into it now, apparently you can get 30% back if you report them or something
  9. This is going to be interesting, I was reading some stuff on the IRS & you can go to jail for unreported earnings, We shall see if the IRs enforces the tax laws more.
  10. If you haven't been keeping up, accounts of people posting on OnlyFans & Nude Premium Snapchats & Chaterbate are being audited by the IRS in a mass auditing report going on social media. The IRS audits are being dubbed by the media "Thot Audit" Users of such accounts can accumulate as much as 20K a month of unreporting earnings. How does the board feel about these new audits being reported by users? Justified ? UnJustified ?
  11. MTV's been diving in their archives to bring back some classic 2000's series that most Millenials grew up watching on the tube. Jersey Shore, TRL (short-lived), The Real World, The Hills, and Cribs have all made a comeback and now the network has announced another gem, MTV Spring Break. The show was an annual favourite on MTV until 2005 when it moved to MTVU until 2014 and has hosted artists such as Lil Wayne, P!ink, Eminem, Fat Joe, Biggie in 1995, Spice Girls in 1997, Destiny's Child and lots more. The new revival is set to take place next year on March 19th until the 21st at the Grand Oasis Hotel in Cancún, Mexico. Considering the past greats that have taken part in the show, as well as guest celebrity appearances, we can only imagine a stellar line up of acts that will be apart of the rebirth of the series. The short time TRL was back on air they welcomed some good ones such as DJ Khaled, Miguel, T.I., Travis Scott, Mariah Carey and more. We can only hope that MTV Spring Break last longer on air than TRL. https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/mtv-spring-break-is-making-a-comeback-in-2019-news.64528.html
  12. its bykeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  13. https://toyworldmag.co.uk/world-news/kb-toys-relaunch-pushed-back-to-2019/ Stores are coming back to the mall permanently after 10 years
  14. LORDE TAKE THIS HUGE L, YOU FLOP "I built the show with [stage designer] Es Devlin, who I have admired for a really long time. And from the jump, we were just wanting to head towards something that we felt like we hadn’t seen. It’s hard to come up with stuff that feels new, and with the tank it felt weird and interesting and quite specific to me. And it’s also enough of a canvas that we can continue to switch up with how we interact with that piece of gear, so it was appealing to me for those reasons." "The two of us just built it from the ground up, bouncing ideas back and forth" 2007 - Devlin