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  1. No more negative comments. You're all sucking the fun out of this. It's been over 4 years....can we fucking enjoy this?
  2. p.s. "I Search I Find," sounds like a Vogue 2.0 with elements from the Erotica album. I'm surprised it's at the end of your list @Madonna
  3. OMG hell has frozen over. Crazy is one of my favourites too. See you at home.
  4. Don't ever let anyone dictate how you feel, or the decisions you make. Life is made up of choices. Stick to your guns and remember that at the end of the day, tomorrow will always be better. 


  5. The hypocrisy I tell you! 


  6. Currently listening to: 
    All U Need - Young Clancy
    Georgia - Kevin Abstract
    Soulmate - Lizzo
    Borderline - Tame Impala 
    Between the Lines - Robyn 
    Falling Apart - Broods
    Jet Black (feat. Brandy) - Anderson .Paak
    Forever (feat. The Hacker & Electric Youth) - Gesaffelstein
    Late Night Feelings (feat. Lykke Li) - Mark Ronson 
    Kick the Door - Betta Lemme
    Drive - Charlotte Cardin 
    Nostalgia - MØ
    Medellín - Madonna and Maluma 
    Better (Rennie! Remix) - Khalid
    Hearing Your Voice - Omar Apollo
    Burning - Maggie Rogers
    Call Me - Lizzy Land
    End Of The Earth - MARINA

    ...check out the tunes you don't know. There are many jems in the bunch. xoxo 

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    2. Shego


      Me too. Medellin! bebe1

    3. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      Currently I'm listening to a bunch of kpop bebe1


    4. Light Years

      Light Years

      Between the Lines is such a fun song bey6

  7. @Andrew! and @LuranusLur are absolute sweethearts. This forum doesn't deserve them. End of story.

    1. Honey


      Awe!!! You’re so sweet, this made my day ❤️❤️❤️

    2. LuranusLur
  8. On my way out the door. Feelin' fine, gonna let it shine! 


  9. One, two, one, two cha-cha-cha


  10. Stay pressed mother fuckers


    1. Shego
    2. Pawn


      8 minutes ago, Madame X said:


      Tout de la smore! 

    3. K$ANIMAL


      Jessie looks good here yas2

  11. Me when I first heard Medellin. 


  12. Cool, we all have different taste in music. It doesn't deny the fact that it is an authentic Madonna song.
  13. I like Back That Up too! It's definitely more Hard Candy, but I agree that it's most definitely been reworked.
  14. Body Shop is one of the strongest, most Madonna-esque songs she has recorded this decade. Sorry not sorry.