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  1. Yes! A Celine dance song! You can tell she's in such a youthful happy place. I bet this album is going to be totally fresh, and like nothing we have seen from her to date. Keep it up baby girl!
  2. Teach it like you preach it sister friend!
  3. I'm already gearing up for her second single, "Poor, Black, Gay Women."
  4. @RED ANGELO You better check yourself, before you wreck yourself Miss Thing.
  5. Pawn

    @Hylia & @Madame X Hold tight ladies. This party is just getting started xo
  6. Pawn

    Thank You...yes, we can!
  7. Pawn

    Can we talk about Madonna now and how we all hope to look as good as she does at 60?
  8. Pawn

    On occasion. I'm not a strong proponent such as yourself, of course. Mr. Manson.
  9. Pawn

  10. Pawn

    Who said we're down baby? Speak for yourself. You're one choice away from being up!
  11. Pawn

    Define Float. Something tells me it means a whole different thing where you're from.
  12. Pawn

    Okay, well people make mistakes. He's young and has clearly struggled in life. Shall we stick him up on a stake and set him on fire? No...we won't. We look after people and help them.
  13. Pawn

    Phoebs! What's with the creepy clown? What are you trying to do to me?
  14. Pawn

    I don't Hermione, you tell me. I think people are innocent until proven guilty. Showing up on internet forums to devour another human being isn't my style. Even if they've done something wrong. Maybe you've been posting dick pics of random strangers online. None of us would now. Alohomora!