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  1. Pawn


    No more negative comments. You're all sucking the fun out of this. It's been over 4 years....can we fucking enjoy this?
  2. Pawn


    p.s. "I Search I Find," sounds like a Vogue 2.0 with elements from the Erotica album. I'm surprised it's at the end of your list @Madonna
  3. Pawn


    OMG hell has frozen over. Crazy is one of my favourites too. See you at home.
  4. Pawn


    Your ears shall grow in time my dear.
  5. Yes! A Celine dance song! You can tell she's in such a youthful happy place. I bet this album is going to be totally fresh, and like nothing we have seen from her to date. Keep it up baby girl!
  6. Pawn


    Liberation says hi!
  7. @Madonna disliked this post. Exposing herself as usual.
  8. Teach it like you preach it sister friend!
  9. Don't bother wasting your energy Icy. It's a lost cause.
  10. I'm already gearing up for her second single, "Poor, Black, Gay Women."
  11. Pawn


    ...and I'm officially a relic. Still one of my favourite pop albums to this day.
  12. Pawn


    Are you still here? I thought I slayed you and your vampire ways. Be gone with you blood sucker!
  13. basic bitches exposing themselves.
  14. Pawn

    Music Video

    Negative Nancy strikes again. Dear Nancy, why so blue?