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  2. So people stanning Soltera have the nerve to come for the GODLY Medellín and Crave
  3. I heard Cherish in a TV commercial and Celebration at a drugstore. Both within the last month or so. Many stations in my area play M but I don't really listen to radio so the only time I remember was Into the Groove a few months ago. That week I heard Human Nature at the same drugstore.
  4. She'll be back to it when she has nothing to promote . I kind of miss the old posts but they're not needed rn
  5. "Newest obsession" since like 2000 nnn. I like it tho... it's cute and I think she knows how to use it well. Champagne Rosé wouldn't have worked without the autotune and it's a cute song
  6. autotuned madonna sounds better than screaming gaga
  7. Latin pop is not just a "trend" it's a genre that's been popular for decades
  8. I like it for the same reasons I like the Music title track... it's a mess but she and Mirwais served on the beat and it's catchy . It's not generic but Maluma's parts are kind of boring
  9. Does anyone know what the original site was and when it was archived on Google
  10. Omg mess I showed up right after the last one was revealed welp