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  1. Discussion

    ARTPOP should just be left in 2013 where she belongs
  2. Discussion

    I pray that her next album is as great as TFM
  3. Music Video

    BR's vid was released in November tho
  4. Album

    Mess ok
  5. Album

    DJWS deleted a pic with gaga What does this mean Is LG6 cancelled?
  6. Gagadaily is less delusional than other places tho Idk if it's an old thing that's stuck that's they're delulu but they seem reasonable Or that just means I'm delusional as well
  7. Nnn Gaga fans are not that delusional sis
  8. When did I say LMs were like this, I think I've only seen like 3 who genuinely believe it. This isn't in battlegrounds tho so I assumed yall were being somewhat serious Edit: omg it is battlegrounds nvm drag me
  9. Sky Fits Heaven
  10. gagadaily.com Is like 70% Madonna fans/stans as well
  11. It's called being shocked at delusion, which is what you suffer from. And of course nobody is shocked one of you has a gaga avi
  12. It's really not but go on I guess
  13. Can y'all quit being ridiculous? It was funny on page one
  14. It's called being blinded by your dislike for Madonna that you don't acknowledge her talents
  15. Perez also replied to one of Gaga's JWT tweets with something like "great!" (Idr well) Why he suddenly wants her friendship/to notice him again idk