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    The Cure is garbage Born This Way is not a great album John Wayne, DIC, and DH are bad songs ARTPOP is mediocre, a wasted brilliant concept TFM is her only great album Born This Way (song) goes off but I can imagine hearing it more than 3 times a day and how annoying that would be. It's too loud really. Joanne should have gone all the way instead of trying to add "bops" to make whoever "happy"
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    nnNN yeah but the stores nearby either have completely sold out M sections or just more RH CD copies (there are like 3 stores ckdnfns ).
  3. tellemhone

    P!nk might be a better performer but she's boring like her music so Taylor
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    The Rebel Heart Tour CD+DVD
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    Love Profusion
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    Add me to list plz
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    Let It Will Be Forbidden Love Future Lovers Messiah
  8. Waiting for ATRL to go back up and check if the registrations will be open again sksksksk

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    But the article is regarding the original LG5
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    To think 2016-2017 could've been so different nnn
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    Good He's a horrible person so he deserves any dragging he gets
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