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  1. tellemhone

    Gaga can actually act. With the praise we know she's even better now. Delusionals who think M was a good actress will say it's paid for
  2. tellemhone


    Someone in the sphere of like Charli XCX and SOPHIE (Charli being the least likely) - gaga legit took all of her collaborators for LG6
  3. tellemhone


    Telephone Electric Chapel LoveGame Lush Life (cover) Eh, Eh Monster Hair Orange Colored Sky - Live from "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving" Nature Boy (cover) Ev'ry Time we say Goodbye(cover)
  4. tellemhone


    COADF, maybe too much
  5. tellemhone

    I found The Immaculate Collection on CD and bought that so that's two now I guess
  6. tellemhone


    47 (10)
  7. tellemhone

    Human Nature
  8. OMG yes If this was uploaded to YT and stayed there it would have been remembered a bit more. It doesn't deserve the dust paid to it
  9. The Fame fits the theme of the album so well tho
  10. tellemhone


    American Life is one of her best albums. X-STATIC PROCESS IS ONE OF HER BEST SONGS. Rebel Heart is too long Push is annoying ASF Bedtime Stories is so so overrated The Drowned World Tour >> all her tours before it with the exception of the BA tour
  11. tellemhone


    Erotica and American Life deserve better. The Music cover doesn't even look like an album cover mess
  12. tellemhone


    The Cure is garbage Born This Way is not a great album John Wayne, DIC, and DH are bad songs ARTPOP is mediocre, a wasted brilliant concept TFM is her only great album Born This Way (song) goes off but I can imagine hearing it more than 3 times a day and how annoying that would be. It's too loud really. Joanne should have gone all the way instead of trying to add "bops" to make whoever "happy"
  13. tellemhone

    nnNN yeah but the stores nearby either have completely sold out M sections or just more RH CD copies (there are like 3 stores ckdnfns ).
  14. tellemhone

    P!nk might be a better performer but she's boring like her music so Taylor