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  1. Slayvril 's success is UNDENIABLE SIS LOOK AT THE SALES, I agree about Mel though.
  2. RIP, all prayers with his family and friends, this must be horrible.
  3. Semicircle


    Haven't all of the girls suffered? I don't think she'll be an exception tbh.
  4. Semicircle


    Here's the link to stream it y'all!
  5. Semicircle


    YASS TALENT WON! This is clearly our day, fellow Kesha stans; @Dan @Chris Morlock @Manson @Andrew Michael @TomTom2288 @Okan @Monster @Megan
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    I don't even know like... what?
  7. Semicircle

    1. Set Fire To The Rain 2. Skyfall 3. Send My Love 4. Hello 5. The Rest.
  8. Oh my god! All prayers with his family and friends.
  9. Semicircle

    So now you're active here as well? XCXposed! Also your new AVI is... bad.
  10. Semicircle

    Queen of fundraisers and helping people, a true icon. When will your faves?
  11. My favorites are: Girls Thinking 'Bout Boys Issues T.K.O. What about you?
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    Can we create an appreciation thread sis? I need Gaga's best album to be recognized as such!
  14. Semicircle


    I'm looking for some real insiders.