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    the one that reached number 1 in bb hot 100
  2. GrigioGirl

    omg it sounds so dark
  3. GrigioGirl


    not myself tonight
  4. GrigioGirl


    ACT 1:ELECTRIC CHAPEL 1.Black Jesus 2.Electric Chapel 3.MANiCURE ACT 2:VENUS 1.Venus 2.G.U.Y 3.Mary Jane Holland 4.Just Dance 5.Poker Face ACT 3:FOREST 1.Monster 2.Teeth 3.Bloody Mary 4.Alejandro ACT 4:COWGIRL 1.Diamond Heart 2.A-YO 3.Joanne 4.Angel Down ACT 5:ACOUSTIC 1.The Edge of Glory (Piano) 2.Dope 3.Speechless 4.You and I 5.Million Reasons ACT 6:PARTYGIRL 1.Telephone 2.Swine 3.Paparazzi 4.New Single 5.Bad Romance ENCORE 1.Marry The Night 2.Perfect Illusion
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    Celeb News

    "GaGa" but slay tho
  6. so many gaga hate threads oprah14when will your fave demi1

    1. Madonna

      Madonna during the Rebel Heart era outsold. She had hate threads made about her at least thrice a week.

  7. so that's why she cancels the tour but im still sad
  8. GrigioGirl


    selena was found quaking in a ditch
  9. GrigioGirl

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    GagaDaily is Having a meltdown because of this