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  1. Light Years


    I'm a flop
  2. I've been perchedt for her to do it live again but she hasn't done it since 2009
  3. Light Years

    Oh god what the fuck came up in my recommended
  4. Ugh taste I feel like it's one of her most solid albums, both conceptually and quality wise. The only track I really don't care for is Bittersweet Goodbye... yes I bop to Kids and I'm So High every so often and Password is a regular play for me As the resident stan of this song I must proclaim that taste has been observed
  5. Light Years


    Anyways................................................. I bop to all three of the sex songs on KMO Fight me
  6. The stock violin music and the reverb on your voice during your story
  7. Light Years


    @Freaky Prince Obsession?
  8. Light Years


    Still Standing?
  9. Light Years


    What is going on in here on this day
  10. And it would work so well with her voice...
  11. Light Years


    We shouldn't have gotten so messy I might post a new round in like a few days, I'm still on my Loveboat.mp3 vacation from this game
  12. Her inflection is unnervingly accurate
  13. Light Years

  14. Light Years

    I thought I died and went to heaven tbh...
  15. Light Years


    That's the kind of break I need from this game