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  1. I was about to be very pressed that this would get a release while the Golden Tour has yet to receive one
  2. I thought those were her tattoos when I first glanced Though I do wonder how she would look with one
  3. The Shocked original arrangement... That was the first Kylie song outside of CGYOOMH I really got into and I would DIE if she ever revived it
  4. I've listened to Whistle now and I honestly kinda stan It feels like a lost Bjork song and the percussion reminds me of Hunter
  5. She didn't do Kids on the first Showgirl either
  6. Tea but I like it in its position as the closer too
  7. Koocachoo - Phoebe Under the Influence of Love - Beyoncé Under the Influence of Love - Freaky Prince Koocachoo - Liquid Love Koocachoo - ajp Under the Influence of Love - Liam Koocachoo - Light Years   
  8. Rip to a LOT of taste but thankfully Kids burned
  9. Your avi is my reaction to this Still a surprising amount of longevity and charting power for a (not very good) greatest hits in the streaming age!
  10. I don't really like her pose or the filter, but it definitely serves Golden vibes I feel like it could have been a lot better if she had a different pose, or at least not that face... 7
  11. 1. Kids - Phoebe 2. Kids - Liquid Love 3. Kids - Freaky Prince 4. Bittersweet Goodbye - Beyoncé 5. Bittersweet Goodbye - ajp 6. Kids - Aidan 7. Bittersweet Goodbye - Light Years 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  12. Never been much of a fan of this album (beyond 100 Degrees) but she looks so good on the cover She's radiating joy and Christmas spirit and serving pose on that sled. I don't think all those sparkles are necessary, though. 9