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  1. Celeb News

    Flower is shook
  2. Celeb News

    Oh me oh my... It's pretty good but not very unique (at least the snippet is, hopefully the rest of the song/album tries some different stuff).
  3. Iconic version of an iconic song
  4. Album

  5. Discussion

    Me at my dumb ass forgetting FYFM I'd probably put it at the same rank as Showgirl
  6. Achievement

    Iconic Reminds me of a lowkey teaser for the Aphrodite version of it
  7. Actually it kinda works as an interlude...
  8. I think she did Wow, too... Not certain, but I wouldn't be surprised considering her boner for that song
  9. I have a pretty funny story about a dream I had around a week ago. So Kylie came to perform at my school and it was pretty iconic. The only song I remember is that Put Your Hands Up was used for an interlude of some sort So after the show, I made a thread about it and included all the songs that I remember her playing. Then everyone here called me fake and trashed the fuck out of me because I couldn't prove that she actually did that show
  10. Discussion

    1. Showgirl Homecoming, X, Aphrodite 2. Fever 3. Intimate and Live 4. Showgirl 5. OANLT 6. KMO
  11. Might be a bit basic but Murder on the Dancefloor is mine. It did get me into Sophie though
  12. It's in my top 5 (and possibly my top 3)