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  1. I don't really like her pose or the filter, but it definitely serves Golden vibes I feel like it could have been a lot better if she had a different pose, or at least not that face... 7
  2. Light Years


    1. Kids - Phoebe 2. Kids - Liquid Love 3. Kids - Freaky Prince 4. Bittersweet Goodbye - Beyoncé 5. Bittersweet Goodbye - ajp 6. Kids - Aidan 7. Bittersweet Goodbye - Light Years 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  3. Never been much of a fan of this album (beyond 100 Degrees) but she looks so good on the cover She's radiating joy and Christmas spirit and serving pose on that sled. I don't think all those sparkles are necessary, though. 9
  4. Honestly it's cute I love the pop of color her lips give and the water droplets on the window (or whatever it is) add some cool depth. 8
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  6. Light Years


    Taste My favorite version is the Showgirl Homecoming one
  7. Light Years


    She definitely needs to do a few of the Body Language album tracks... Still Standing, Sweet Music, I Feel for You, After Dark Even Chocolate would qualify.
  8. This is probably the best pic I've found They all share the same lighting and unnatural pose problems, but this seems to be the best one. I still don't like that weird ground but it looks better with the blue tinted mirror. I'd like to think those problems were intentional design choices, like a reflection of how limited the methods ancient civilizations used to depict their gods were, but that's definitely looking way too deep into it
  9. Hmm... not my favorite It seems very static. She's holding a really unnatural pose and the set is dull Plus the lighting is horrendous. I do like the dress (especially the flowing fabric) and the Aphrodite typography, but overall it just feels lifeless 6
  10. Her mind is truly amazing sometimes
  11. What kind of mess did I miss Anyways... I LOVE the X cover I love the text and how the ends of the K and the Y cross over to make the X (it took a while for me to notice that) I love the red/yellow drop shadows on the text and on her, and of course the mask... 10
  12. Honestly this kinda slays and no words at all would fit the whole body language thing she was going for
  13. I agree with @Aidan. I think the title being repeated on the bottom is distracting and it interferes with Kylie's positioning. However, the font itself is sexy and I love the perspective of it, and Kylie looks sickening as usual 9
  14. Light Years

    That would slay too Anything to break up the monotony of the live versions of LFAS.