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  1. The Shocked original arrangement... That was the first Kylie song outside of CGYOOMH I really got into and I would DIE if she ever revived it
  2. She didn't do Kids on the first Showgirl either
  3. Tea but I like it in its position as the closer too
  4. Your avi is my reaction to this Still a surprising amount of longevity and charting power for a (not very good) greatest hits in the streaming age!
  5. That would slay too Anything to break up the monotony of the live versions of LFAS.
  6. Can Kylie sing Love at First Sight but use the 1988 version instrumental on top of the 2001 version lyrics
  7. The wall of tags is killing me Relax please sir
  8. This made me realize that she didn't perform NYC last night... She might have tonight and she might in the future, but if she doesn't do it on tour at all then what was the point of pushing it so hard
  9. I just wanna know when she's releasing the Golden Tour live album
  10. If Say Hey hadn't already jumped your ass they would be now