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  1. I’m listening right now; perfect progression after Dancing Thank you queen for dropping this on my bday
  2. Other

    Another great one! Excellent job
  3. This is gonna slay, already sounds better than Dancing
  4. Wish it would be ready in a week so Queen could drop it on my bday
  5. Discussion

    Just started watching
  6. Single

    I don't hate it I just think it's the wrong style of remix; the original song doesn't lean close enough to dance music for a full-on dance remix to make so much sense IMO.
  7. Review

    Another iconic one I wish I was a fan during the era and could have felt the Fever for myself (then again, I was 3 in 2002 so...)
  8. Also I subbed to the channel when the IP one got posted here; watched the full LY one as soon as it was posted, and it was truly iconique
  9. Raining Glitter would probably be a safe choice for single 2 IMO, but (if the rumors are true) Stop Me from Falling sounds like a more interesting choice... we'll just have to wait and see
  10. Single

    Fucking AMAZING. This might be my soft spot for 80s music speaking but I think I immensely prefer it to the original! Those twinkly synths and stuttering lyrics are everything
  11. Event

    Tea was SERVED!