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  1. I was about to be very pressed that this would get a release while the Golden Tour has yet to receive one
  2. I thought those were her tattoos when I first glanced Though I do wonder how she would look with one
  3. The Shocked original arrangement... That was the first Kylie song outside of CGYOOMH I really got into and I would DIE if she ever revived it
  4. I've listened to Whistle now and I honestly kinda stan It feels like a lost Bjork song and the percussion reminds me of Hunter
  5. She didn't do Kids on the first Showgirl either
  6. Tea but I like it in its position as the closer too
  7. Koocachoo - Phoebe Under the Influence of Love - Beyoncé Under the Influence of Love - Freaky Prince Koocachoo - Liquid Love Koocachoo - ajp Under the Influence of Love - Liam Koocachoo - Light Years   
  8. Rip to a LOT of taste but thankfully Kids burned
  9. Your avi is my reaction to this Still a surprising amount of longevity and charting power for a (not very good) greatest hits in the streaming age!
  10. I love this projection Sierpinski's Triangle, Legend of Zelda, Illuminati, etc queen Anyways I think the version I really like is the Golden Tour version It's still the same base arrangement that's been used since Fever but it feels more lush and full
  11. Koocachoo is TALENT It's cheesy but in the way that makes yout get up and have fun.