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  1. Roobz

    Cherry listening for the first time the album.
  2. I'll use "Dream" from One Republic 1. Younger 2. Get My S**t Together 3. Bleed Together 4. Search For A Light 5. Your Sunshine 6. I Don't Care 7. New Innovations 8. My Imagination 9. Life Is A Painting 10. You A'int Trying 11. Dark Days 12. What You See
  3. Roobz


    so true. hope she starts being more ""alive". we don't need a watered down LVP.
  4. Just finished Wind River i really enjoyed it and people really paid dust to it. A solid 8 from me. Right now i'm gonna start watching "CROPSEY"
  5. Right now i read Gerald's Game. i wanna read it first and then watch the movie.
  6. Roobz


    i thought i was the only one that felt that Lisa V is kinda off. She seemed so out of it, lol.