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  1. She...she improved her wink so much. I'm so proud.
  2. I love the idea of everyone wanting to get on R9. But at the same time the constant teases about R9 from everyone else in the music industry while Rihanna just puts all her attention on her Avon Lady stuff has worn out its welcome.
  3. So anytime in the next 20 years then?
  4. Pon De Replay. Came out in my last year of high school.
  5. peRIHfect


    So...should we just hold a memorial service for her music career at this point. She's a full fledged Avon Lady at this point, she stopped the Music.
  6. peRIHfect

    RIHANNA VS BEYONCÉ FIRST SINGLE: Pon De Replay / Crazy In Love SECOND NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Umbrella / Baby Boy NICKI MINAJ FEATURE: Raining Men / Flawless MID 2000s STARGATE TRACK: Don’t Stop The Music / Irreplaceable SHAKIRA FEATURE: Can’t Remember To Forget You / Beautiful Liar DRAKE FEATURE: What’s My Name / Mine SONG CO-WRITTEN BY SZA: Consideration / Feeling Myself FIRST WORLDWIDE CHART FLOP: We Ride / Diva 2006 LEAD SINGLE: SOS / Deja Vu LAST SOLO BILLBOARD TOP 10: Love On The Brain / Formation LATEST SINGLE FEATURING JAY Z: Talk That Talk / Drunk In Love RIHANNA: 9 BEYONCE: 2
  7. peRIHfect


    Gotta go with Needed Me. Then Kiss It Better, Work, Love On The Brain.
  8. peRIHfect


    R9 is basically a myth at this point. I feel like we'll be posting in this thread in 10 years time about how its going to come out next year.
  9. peRIHfect


    She doesn't even have to do anything and people cant get enough of her.
  10. peRIHfect


    I dont see it happening anytime soon. On top of her Avon Lady status she's also been all in on helping fight against COVID-19, and supporting BLM now. Feel like all of that is going to keep her out of the studio for a while, which honestly at this point it feels like she's happy for any excuse to get away from music. I'd just be happy to see her do a proper collab with someone here and there like 'Wild Thoughts' or 'This Is What You Came For'. 'Believe It' doesn't count, that was terrible.
  11. peRIHfect

    This Is What You Came For
  12. peRIHfect


    She always has such strong openers. I love every single one of those songs. Its hard to look past Umbrella though. Just such a bop that really made Robyn into Rihanna. I'd put Mad House in the worst category simply because its so short and it feels more like an Intro as opposed to an actual song. 1. Umbrella 2. Phresh Out The Runway 3. You Da One 4. SOS 5. S&M 6. Consideration 7. Pon de Replay 8. Mad House
  13. She's coming for all the records. As much as a bop as Pon de Replay was I never thought she'd go onto become such a Megastar and become RIHANNA! She doesn't even release music anymore and she's still holding onto the crown.
  14. peRIHfect

    Rude Boy.
  15. I think its a little underrated because GGGB was her big break out Album, and then everything that followed Rated R was just bigger and bigger. Rated R sort of fell through the cracks a bit. Its an amazing album though and c'mon Hard and Rude Boy are two Iconic Rihanna songs.