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  1. peRIHfect


    Can someone tell the Avon lady to go back to making music. We dont needs mascara we need R9.
  2. How is it even up for Oscars consideration? No one likes it.
  3. peRIHfect

    She has everything you could want in a pop girl, but for some reason she just never really caught on as a solo act.
  4. peRIHfect


    Never been a Miley fan before, but her newer music is really pulling me in.
  5. Rihanna has crossed over from Era to Era really, really well. She's just become a bigger and bigger Star. The Veterans haven't, at the end of the Physical Era Britney in particular was a massive, massive Star. But she hasn't been able to maintain her popularity into the Digital Era.
  6. peRIHfect

    It's gotta be Britney right, thats a good looking man.
  7. I feel like this is very relevant to the Eminem made Rihanna absurdity.
  8. On the topic of Eminem launching Rihanna into stardom...thats just not the case. Yeah you can say overall, historically Eminem was the bigger Star at the time, after all he'd been around for a while and was really established. But at that point Rihanna was a Star, she was a pop darling that put out hit after hit. At that point in time when Rihsus graced Em with her vocals on LTWYL she was the bigger more relevant Star. Em hadn't really done anything big for a while. Its one of those things you can always count on with Rih, she doesn't really waste her time with the negative stuff. And yeah, despite Ems attempt to be the woke Rapper for this generation it feels like his time is up. Its true, his attention seeking and intentionally provocative material feels like its no longer cool, even despite him doing what he can to avoid being "cancelled".
  9. Exactly. He's always largely gotten by on a bit of shock factor and loved lines like this on his songs. The real surprise is that he went on to work with Rihsus several times after this. And it would be interesting to know her thoughts on the matter, seeing as its only just now coming to light. Not very in line with his current spiel of being woke and so against this sort of shit either.
  10. peRIHfect

    Rihsus still gonna Rihsus.
  11. peRIHfect

    Yeah I'm in.
  12. peRIHfect

    RiRi doesn't seem to age at all, so no.
  13. peRIHfect

    I feel like Rihsus is more likely to be bigger than Bey, but someone needs to remind RiRi that she's got a music career as well. So it's up to how much time Rih continues to devote to everything else.
  14. peRIHfect

    Gotta go with Taylor Swift as well, she seems like she'd try too hard to be awkward about it. Rihanna would go off though, she'd probably out pornstar most professional pornstars.