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  1. Its not going to be anytime soon though is it. Cant see her releasing any music until 2023 at the absolute earliest. And at this stage i could honestly see her just waiting until 2026 so she's got a solid 10 years between R8 and R9.
  2. She hid it really well for as long as she did. So happy for her, she's truly glowing.
  3. Crazy to think this is twelve years old. This always strikes me as an album that I expect to have come later in her career, just because of how much she was experimenting and branching out her style so early on. Hard and Rude Boy are still my two favourite Rihanna songs as well.
  4. The fact a retired musician is still making and breaking records just shows how ageless her music is.
  5. Really lets her vocals pop without the music.
  6. Was it 2019 when she told us all it'd be out before the end of that year...
  7. So...is this a bad time to say I've bought Rated R and Talk That Talk... Call iT a Rihannamas present to myself. And maybe she'll accidentally send out R9...
  8. Beyonce and Rihanna featuring on the same album. When are they just going to do a song together? Also...did someone remind Rihanna she's a musician?
  9. How much lingerie do I have to buy before Rihanna is happy and goes back to making music?
  10. You can really can see why she's given up on music. She's making billions in her new life as an Avon lady instead.
  11. I get that the photo is someone else's 'work'. But the idea that she cant use a photo that essentially some random pervert stalker hiding in the bushes took is absurd.
  12. I'll believe it when I see it. Whats she wearing...
  13. Maybe its just me, but has her fashion sense noticeably gone down since her and ASAP went public...
  14. Everyone should stop letting her in anywhere until she releases R9. You aint a singer anymore sis.
  15. Not much of a secret really. Though I wasn't aware the rumours date back to 2013. Lucky man. Though I'm not a fan of his at all.