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  1. To me that would feel like a step down for Rihanna.
  2. 1. Can't Remember Forget You (with Shakira) 2. Hard (with Jeezy) 3. Umbrella (with Jay-Z) 4. ROCKSTAR 101 (with Slash) 5. Who's That Chick? (with David Guetta) 6. This Is What You Came For (with Calvin Harris) 7. We Found Love (with Calvin Harris) 8. Wild Thoughts (DJ Khaled) 9. S&M (with Britney Spears) 10. Work (with Drake) 11. Love The Way You Lie (with Eminem) 12. Live Your Life (with T.I.) 13. Birthday Cake (with Chris Brown) 14. Raining Men (with Nicki Minaj) 15. What's My Name (with Drake) 16. Fly (with Nicki
  3. Talk That Talk vs Cant Remember To Forget You
  4. Umbrella Diamonds Dont Stop The Music Love On The Brain
  5. Sex With Me vs Phresh Out The Runway