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  1. Another tough choice. Going with RockStar 101.
  2. At the same time, when she's featured on other artists songs she usually gives them their biggest hit. Like Calvin Harris has benefitted massively from working with Rihanna.
  3. Stan: Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora. UnStan: No one.
  4. It'd be so fantastic to just see her perform again.
  5. The only hope we have of getting R9 at this point is that she starts releasing new music to use in the promos for her endless Fenty Empire.
  6. I feel like it'll come full circle where she'll eventually start up Fenty Music and accidentally release R9 without quite realising what she's done...
  7. Really tough choice, went with Consideration, just.
  8. I feel like both will still be hugely successful when they release or Rihlease. Adele draws in people really easily and R9 just seems to be really anticipated. Rihanna's Star just keeps growing, her streaming numbers are huge.
  9. Her music tends to be timeless, none of her music feels old or outdated. It helps that her last album was also arguably her best to date. Her beauty ventures keep her name out there as well. Keeps people thinking about Rihanna. I also feel like the anticipation for R9 keeps people coming back to her music in anticipation. We haven't got R9 yet, but can listen to everything else she has released.
  10. Hopefully this reminds Rihsus that she's a musician...
  11. She's just abusing and mocking us at this point.
  12. But why? She can rock any look. But long hair looks so good on her.
  13. It sounds good. But yeah, I'm not a fan of Rih working with XXXT.