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  1. In a matter of moments my hopes were sent sky high only to be quickly dashed. This was just cruel.
  2. I'm surprised she doesn't use her own music for all her Avon Lady ads and videos more often honestly.
  3. I can always picture the video to Rude Boy whenever I hear the song. The video has become a part of the song itself.
  4. Gorgeous as always. Some of these photos are really cool.
  5. I cant take this constant teases. At the same time YASSSSSS! Also her Tits!!!!!
  6. We're in an abusive relationship at this point. All we want is R9, and she just keeps mocking us.
  7. Can she just give us like 1 or 2 bops a year? Do something with Nikki or Shakira or Beyonce or someone!
  8. At this point the only R9 we're getting is whatever her 9th non music related venture is.
  9. Its hard to go past Umbrella, its the hit that made Rihanna into RiRi. I love all her openers.
  10. Beyond impressive when she hasn't put out an albums for 5 years and her only rihlease in a few years was terrible.
  11. I dont think she's got a single bad tattoo. Everything she has either really accentuates her body like the sanskrit on her hip really draws your eye to her curves. I like her hand tattoo as well, being part Maori its cool to see someone like Rihanna get a traditional Maori tattoo, granted its been altered since. My favourite is probably her Isis underboob tattoo, because...well yeah, ya know.
  12. Its not even worth thinking about at this point. Maybe she'll drop R9 one day, maybe.
  13. I've always loved this picture of Rihsus.
  14. R9 is basically a myth at this point. I feel like we'll be posting in this thread in 10 years time about how its going to come out next year.