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    Artist Rihdomosity

    I finally got around to seeing Oceans 8... Rih is such a Goddess. Steals every scene she’s in.
  2. Would love if we got a RihBey collar on this album. Failing that Cassie, J’Lo, Shakira are my next pics. Would not be opposed to a Bhad Bhabie collab either...
  3. Her Majesty Popeanna remembering she’s a musician!
  4. Been hearing more and more of her music that I actually enjoy lately. She's got some good songs out now.
  5. I'm happy with fewer collabs like Anti, let Rih get all the spotlight. She better tour Australia for R9 though, I'm still pouting that the Anti World Tour didn't come here.
  6. Hopefully we get R9 this year. Please!
  7. peRIHfect

    Artist Rihdomosity

    Its so amazing to see everything that Rihanna is achieving. She's transcended beyond just being a musician or pop star. She's an Icon. She rules the music world, her acting career is taking off, her work with Puma, her beauty products line. And on top of all that she's just an amazing person as well who is always looking out for others and using her status and influence to better the world. Praise Rihsus.