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  1. Rita's social media presence is getting me through this crazy time of isolation and nothing to do.
  2. peRIHfect

    Artist Rihdomosity

    It was nice to hear Rih making music again, but that song was a letdown. She's barely on it.
  3. peRIHfect

    Artist Rihdomosity

    Can someone tell the Avon lady to go back to making music. We dont needs mascara we need R9.
  4. Never been a Miley fan before, but her newer music is really pulling me in.
  5. Yeah I've only recently started to get back into Britney.
  6. Gotta go with Taylor Swift as well, she seems like she'd try too hard to be awkward about it. Rihanna would go off though, she'd probably out pornstar most professional pornstars.
  7. peRIHfect

    Artist Rihdomosity

    I finally got around to seeing Oceans 8... Rih is such a Goddess. Steals every scene she’s in.
  8. Would love if we got a RihBey collar on this album. Failing that Cassie, J’Lo, Shakira are my next pics. Would not be opposed to a Bhad Bhabie collab either...
  9. Her Majesty Popeanna remembering she’s a musician!