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  1. Normani (black excellence)
  2. A cute and simple groovy bop Come through Shawn, I'm waiting in Tokyo.
  3. The idea that aliens would look exactly how science fiction writers wrote them to be would be unlikely. If aliens exist, they probably look radically different than how we think they do.
  4. I feel like he's intentionally playing with the gays at this point...Nick Jonas #2.
  5. Rumor

    Electra Heart Part II or we're rioting
  6. When you can get it for free, people see very little reason to buy it unless they're a dedicated fan. That's the way the industry is today. It isn't that people don't want to buy music, it's just that music is more easily available now.
  7. I love it. The chorus makes up for some of the more boring parts, but that's usually the case with his style.
  8. Mod Notice Do not troll outside Battlegrounds.
  9. Israel won again
  10. Bitch Better Have My Money was messier but I forgot about it because it's so irrelevant to her discography.
  11. Work (feat. Drake) I love the Caribbean but it was a little too much for me