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    Stefani, sweetie, I'm so sorry...
  2. But the fact that she all of a sudden gained so much admiration for her "raw talent" which used to be called "talentless" says quite a lot. It comes across as disingenuous. If Ke$ha hadn't gone through what she did and put out the same album, would it get the same praise? I don't know.
  3. Her personality has always seemed fake.
  4. The charts are so tragic these days. Music is really going downhill.
  5. So, she should also cancel her Russian tour to support the Russian LGBT rights movement.
  6. So, why does she need to cancel her Israeli tour to promote Palestinian rights?
  7. Yes. Those fads are over!
  8. This whole thing is quite odd. I find it hard to believe anybody, even someone who wasn't a professional, would actually send these photos to someone thinking they're acceptable. People must be gullible.
  9. Itunes charts are irrelevant and shouldn't be an identification of how well someone is ultimately going to sell.