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  1. attitude

    In a year he'll be forgotten like the rest of these one and done mumble rappers Look at Lil' Pump, XXXtentacion and 6ix9ine...one is dead, one is on his way to prison and the other has been completely erased from public memory.
  2. The pandering But whatever, Ariel is a fictional character so the race of the actor doesn't much matter.
  3. attitude

  4. attitude


    He's going to be a one hit wonder either way
  5. attitude

    Scooter has always been a grimy, garbage producer.
  6. What gets me so angry about this guy is how he's just pretending his anti-gay voting record doesn't exist -- as if he doesn't have to explain this complete 360! It's disgusting.
  7. When will today's pop girls?
  8. She's way too old to be acting like this
  9. Did they edit that in Microsoft Paint?
  10. attitude

    Don't disrespect Air Balloon like that