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  1. attitude

    I've really zoned out from pop music because I haven't heard half of these songs
  2. Why assume the baby's gender?
  3. Maybe gay rights were a mistake after all
  4. I even remember the album being advertised the week before its release and then it was just scrapped out of nowhere...
  5. Not a pop girl but Eve - Here I Am...which was supposed to be released in 2007 but for some reason was scrapped. Also, Nicole's first album which was pushed back and renamed:
  6. The Iranian Revolution was such a great idea, wasn't it Iranians? Don't answer that. Sometimes I think most of them enjoy living in oppression.
  7. Cringe. There's absolutely nothing to be proud of about being HIV positive or any other disease. Stop this garbage. You don't have to live in self-loathing but do not parade it around like a trophy.
  8. attitude

    Neither are anything I'd keep in my library
  9. attitude


    He needs to turn around
  10. attitude

    Accused of rape isn't convicted of rape. Nothing came of those allegations so it's ridiculous to suggest she should be shunned.
  11. attitude

    She's become such a trash person in the past few years. I'm glad she's finally realizing her career is over