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  1. attitude


    He's very attractive but his body isn't that special
  2. attitude here

    Safe to say Avril's career is pretty much over at this point...

  3. attitude

    Having a #1 single has no correlation with an artist's talent. If anything -- these days -- it means you probably aren't that talented at all. The GP currently favors recycled beats and generic hooks.
  4. attitude

    Uh, OF COURSE the show producers know who won. Why wouldn't they? Do you really think the organizers of the show would be clueless as to the winners?
  5. attitude

    Her album was really good though
  6. attitude


    Impressive numbers either way in the streaming era.
  7. She tweeted without using AAVE? We stan again.
  8. attitude

    General News

    Her Lil' Kim phase is a few years away
  9. attitude

    General News

    Will she finally hit #1 this time?
  10. I wish she'd type normally and stop with the faux-AAVE.
  11. attitude


  12. attitude


    So, just 13% of that is pure sales? It's crazy how much streaming is taking over