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  1. attitude

    Accused of rape isn't convicted of rape. Nothing came of those allegations so it's ridiculous to suggest she should be shunned.
  2. attitude

    She's become such a trash person in the past few years. I'm glad she's finally realizing her career is over
  3. attitude

    Might be biased, but Lover by far. Her most personal record with songs that will sound timeless in 50 years. From lyrics to production is Lover also way more cohesive and interesting. I despise thank u, next, it's her worst album and should be collectively forgotten.
  4. attitude


  5. attitude


    Who is she and why do people care about her musical opinions?
  6. attitude

    It's not like Xtina will be charting anyways
  7. attitude


    I'm so mad that I missed this
  8. This has always been difficult because both sides of the argument have compelling evidence. On one hand, Michael was clearly psychologically damaged and mentally a child; he did things that would be side-eyed if it were any other person. On the other hand, most of the accusations against him have been proven to be lies -- which throws doubt on the others that have come out. I don't think we'll ever know the truth -- he took it with him to the grave.
  9. The act is too ambiguous in its wording. The section that deals with bathroom usage/self-ID is still very controversial and isn't going to pass easily.
  10. attitude

    Daya has BEEN over
  11. attitude

    Celeb News

    As if one extra endorsement would have helped. Hillary had the entire entertainment industry behind her -- campaigning for her -- and she still lost to a racist game show host.
  12. The lyrics roll off the tongue, that's what makes it so addicting