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  1. attitude


    Her voice isn't strong enough for rock, so hopefully back to country.
  2. Anyways. Dustin McNeer is so beautiful
  3. He probably went bareback in the bathroom with some walking STD and now he wants to pretend he was on the wrong path and 'accidentally' caught the virus. My take on this is: 1) He was approached by some wealthy evangelicals and the money was too good to pass up; 2) He has PTSD and is dealing with a traumatic event in the only way he knows how; or 3) He was confused in the first place and has settled into being straight. Either way, all of this is sad to watch because it casts a bad shadow over gay men yet again. The religious folks will no doubt eat this up and use it as an example of faith 'curing' someone.
  4. attitude


    Question Existing is actually a decent song. I like the narration near the end when she speaks about fame and how it's hard to find people that actually want to know her for her and not the celebrity aspect.
  5. attitude


    1. Hunt You Down - Freaky Prince 2. Hunt You Down - TomTom2288 3. Boogie Feet - Urbanov 4. Boogie Feet - Okan 5. Boogie Feet - Peter 6. Boogie Feet - Mr. Gorgeous 7. Hunt You Down - EvilRegal 8. Hunt You Down - Habits 9. Boogie Feet - Merryem 10. Boogie Feet - Jae 11. Hunt You Down - Imperfect 12. Boogie Feet - attitude 13. 14.
  6. attitude

    Tragic evictions. All the fillers are making it to the end
  7. attitude


    I think they were just playing around in that video.
  8. attitude


    1. Don't Stop The Music - PETER 2. Don't Stop The Music - Party Monster 3. Umbrella - Beaux 4. Don't Stop The Music - attitude 5. 6. 7. 8.
  9. attitude


    Did he ever beat a woman up?
  10. attitude


    Disturbia is a bop but a woman-beater wrote it so I'm not too sad
  11. attitude


    I'll use Hunt You Down
  12. attitude

    I would help with the social media but you'd have to get some followers first.
  13. attitude


    1. Rehab - Imperfect 2. Disturbia - Party Monster 3. Rehab- Peter 4. Disturbia - ElectraHeart. 5. Disturbia - Urbanov 6. Disturbia - attitude 7.  8.  9.
  14. attitude


    IINSYFA deserves better than this slander