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  1. Of all the singles she's released, THIS is the one that blows up?! I don't understand. Payola?
  2. attitude

    Purely in terms of entertainment value, Madonna outshines Mariah in every avenue. The Confessions Tour was better than all of Mariah's performances combined.
  3. attitude

    She's never going to have another smash hit.
  4. attitude

    She literally had a 2-minute cameo in Die Another Day + the opening intro song...
  5. attitude

    national and backloaded, we been knew
  6. The honeymoon phase of her career is over.
  7. Anyone can get a #1 hit in the streaming era. This isn't impressive when you recap the artists who landed there in the past few years.
  8. attitude

    The nerve...
  9. attitude

    Ariana should be so proud of herself. Her only #1 song will be a non-single that sounds like it was made in 5 minutes with an open source music editor.
  10. attitude

    It's going to fall next week and be forgotten about within a month.
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