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  1. Mod Notice Do not troll outside of Battlegrounds.
  2. Wow. I've seen more intelligent writing from 5-year-olds.
  3. attitude


    Perhaps we shouldn't judge the success of an album by how well it does on the Itunes charts. Judge it by how well it does on the weekly music charts in each country.
  4. attitude


    No, I'm referring to a few of the countries on that list. Venezuela, El Salvador, etc.
  5. attitude


    #1 in a bunch of third world countries isn't that much of a feat.
  6. If it didn't come from Katy herself, why were they discussing it as a fact? This doesn't look good for any of them.
  7. attitude


    I'm going to give it a fair shot but I'm not expecting anything groundbreaking.
  8. This is why you shouldn't throw someone under the bus until something is investigated thoroughly.
  9. That bitter old queen needs to go play with his botox needles and shut the hell up
  10. attitude


    I don't know. It's been disappointing so far and we know she's capable of so much more.
  11. attitude


    I don't want her to flop but the single performances aren't looking good for her.
  12. attitude


    Love their aesthetic. I'm actually looking forward to this.
  13. attitude


    It's bad enough that the album was probably going to flop but now it's REALLY going to flop.