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  1. Where can this be purchased
  2. stilldirrtyx


    Liar you drive me crazy breathe on me
  3. stilldirrtyx

    1. Butterfly 2. Honey 3. Close my eyes 4. Runway 5. 8th grade 6. With you 7. Bringin on the heartbreak 8. Vision of love 9. Anytime you need a friend 10. Emotions 11. We belong together 12. Can’t let go 13. Breakdown 14. Obsessed 15. Faded
  4. stilldirrtyx


    Till The World Ends vs. Invitation Hold It Against Me vs. Do You Wanna Come Over Inside Out vs. Make Me... I Wanna Go vs. Private Show How I Roll vs. Man On The Moon (Drop Dead) Beautiful vs. Just Luv Me Seal It With A Kiss vs. Clumsy Big Fat Bass vs. Slumber Party Trouble For Me vs. Just Like Me Trip To Your Heart vs. Love Me Down Gasoline vs. Hard To Forget Ya Criminal vs. What You Need Up N Down vs. Better He About To Lose Me vs. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Selfish vs. Liar Don't Keep Me Waiting vs. If I'm Dancing Scary vs. Coupure Electrique And since FF doesn't have another bonus track: Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe) vs. Mood Ring
  5. stilldirrtyx


    This is so hard for me as this is one of my favorite albums of all time- and my second favorite Brit album after the flawless ITZ. I still remember playing Invitation in my car after buying the physical album at Target and being in awe.. tearing up at how flawless the opener in. Here goes nothing!! 1. Change Your Mind 2. Invitation 3. Better 4. Liar 5. Mood Ring 6. Do You Wanna Come Over 7. Make Me... 8. Man On The Moon. 9. If I'm Dancing 10. Hard To Forget Ya 11. Coupure Electrique 12. Just Luv Me 13. Slumber Party 14. Love Me Down 15. Just Like Me 16. Clumsy 17. Private Show 18. What U Need
  6. i just hope my queen will be happy and ok. that's all i want.
  7. stilldirrtyx

    Seeing the Songbird Supreme for the first time March 6th. I can't wait
  8. stilldirrtyx

    1. 8th Grade 2. Caution and a No No are tied I am NOT SORRY 3. Giving Me Life and One More Gen are tied I am NOT SORRY AGAIN 4. Stay Long Love You 5. With You 6. The Distance 7. Runway 8. Portrait I love this album so much
  9. stilldirrtyx

    Next Friday will be my first time seeing her... that being said. I wish she was doing - Can't Let Go, The Distance, One Mo Gen and Honey. but I am sooo excited and so ready to see the Songbird Supreme
  10. stilldirrtyx

    Giving me life literally is giving me life.
  11. stilldirrtyx

    Please add me! Thanks darlinnnnn
  12. stilldirrtyx

    I can’t wait for Friday!!!!!!