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  1. Krista here

    Ugh. Here she goes once again with the slayage! Wig. giveup1



    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      Looks like a literal WIG. jj5


      A cheap one at that. tehe1

      Her ageless beauty slays tho. tehe1

  2. Krista here

    Hey, what happened to the Popfection blog? It’s been about a month and a half since there was last content put on there. I would be happy to help contribute to the blog and post new content in a timely manner if that’s possible.

    1. Sylk

      It's been inactive due to the members being busy! But if you have something please pm us.sia1


  3. Krista

    13 Reasons Why. I was never intending on watching the show but for some reason, I happened to start doing so. It’s an unpopular opinion, but I actually like it. Hannah does make some not-so-smart decisions, but it’s quite addicting and in a way, it has me hooked. As someone who’s battled mental illness, I don’t think it glorifies suicide at all. The scene in the first episode is graphic, but not a glorification. You just have to watch responsibly and know what you’re in for. I don’t think the show is as bad as people make it out to be tbh.
  4. Krista


    I actually quite like this song. The good sis served LEWKS, fierceness, and more. She SNAPPED!
  5. Krista

    Ehh. I’m not a big believer in aliens. There might be another form of life somewhere, but I highly doubt it.
  6. Krista

    Tired of mainstream artists? Don't worry. I can help you with that! Here are some artists outside the mainstream world whom I personally enjoy! I know I recommended so many artists, but I love them all and there really are underrated talents out there.
  7. Krista here

    What on Earth?

    How is one able to eat ice without any trouble? I wish I could do that. Shooketh.

    1. Mystique

      I can't even bite a popsicle omg just the thought makes me cringe

  8. Krista here

    Bopping to this like iggy1mess1


  9. Krista here

    My Driver’s Ed classes start next week. I can’t wait to eventually start driving on my own and bump to my music! sass5

  10. Krista


    I haven't listened to them yet, but I can already tell that they have amazing visuals. I might as well prepare for the slayage.
  11. Krista


    I'm here for a CollXtion 3 tbh. My head goin be scalped once again.
  12. Krista here

    This song brings so much nostalgia and feelings. oprah2


  13. Krista here

    Oh my gosh! She did that. She really did THAT with those albums! I’m scalped. Wig. giveup1



    fall9 Allie X, you have won me over as your new stan.



    1. Krista

      CollXtion II was boring? I was bopping to that album real good. But yeah, CollXtion I is that album as well.

    2. Mystique

      Collxtion II is THAT album lmfao 

  14. Krista here

    Stanning for this K-Pop group. They have talent. Lots of talent. cry7


  15. Krista


    It really is that song tbh. When it’s on the radio, I start getting some sad feelings, but I love it at that moment. welp