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  1. Ugh. Here she goes once again with the slayage! Wig. giveup1



    1. H.O.N.E.Y


      Looks like a literal WIG. jj5


      A cheap one at that. tehe1

      Her ageless beauty slays tho. tehe1

  2. Hey, what happened to the Popfection blog? It’s been about a month and a half since there was last content put on there. I would be happy to help contribute to the blog and post new content in a timely manner if that’s possible.

    1. Sylk


      It's been inactive due to the members being busy! But if you have something please pm us.sia1


  3. What on Earth?

    How is one able to eat ice without any trouble? I wish I could do that. Shooketh.

    1. Mystique


      I can't even bite a popsicle omg just the thought makes me cringe

  4. Bopping to this like iggy1mess1


  5. My Driver’s Ed classes start next week. I can’t wait to eventually start driving on my own and bump to my music! sass5

  6. This song brings so much nostalgia and feelings. oprah2


  7. Oh my gosh! She did that. She really did THAT with those albums! I’m scalped. Wig. giveup1



    fall9 Allie X, you have won me over as your new stan.



    1. Krista


      CollXtion II was boring? I was bopping to that album real good. But yeah, CollXtion I is that album as well.

    2. Mystique


      Collxtion II is THAT album lmfao 

  8. Stanning for this K-Pop group. They have talent. Lots of talent. cry7


  9. Ugh. This bops so hard. iggy1mess1


  10. One of my all-time favorite songs. cry0


  11. My gosh! Your avi and Legend Lo appreciation is antm1

  12. Not gonna lie, I actually quite love this song. brit13


  13. My girl SLAYED that stage! yas2


  14. Me looking at Bob Ross paint like... laughcry1

    1. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      You don't like the happy little trees?

    2. Krista


      XD I was just watching it a couple of minutes ago. I was just explaining how it feels, especially since he's passed. cry8

  15. It's nearly the end of the school year, but it still feels like I have lots of work to do. Ugh. Why? :(

  16. I don’t know why, but watching satisfying videos is such an addiction to me, especially with the soap cutting and crunchy slime. I can’t even get myself out of it.

  17. Queens empowering queens. cry6


    1. POPBOIY


      Loving how she's been keeping herself up 

  18. These vocals. I’m low-key shaking. cry3


  19. One of the most vocally talented girl groups out there. Nice, pretty, heavenly voices. cry7


  20. Legends. cry6


  21. I actually really like this album.


    1. Hylia


      Oh my god! She’s literally my favorite singer ever

    2. Krista


      I can see why. Such a talented musician and a real good live performer tbh. I'm allured by her voice and stage presence.

  22. I treasure this album. Pure bliss. cry7



    1. SoulNotForSale


      Loose Rap, WNAR, U Got Nerve>

    2. Krista


      Those bops!antm1

  23. I just got my first 100 on a World History test. And it's the last test of the year. But I'm so happy I got full credit for my essay!



    1. Mingyu.





      and YAYY, Elaine!

  24. I’m in awe of the Selena stan badge. I love it! I’m glad it finally happened and I’m extremely proud of how it came out. Amazing!

  25. I don’t know why it took me so long to listen to more of her, but I absolutely LOVE this album. It is pure pop goodness. cry7




    1. Urbi


      Better than G****n !! oprah14 

    2. Urbi


      I’m still pressed that Skirt is not on the album scream2