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  1. You do make some valid points. There are some Christians that actually do believe that there's no underworld. I actually agree about the bullies part. I think that's a big problem nowadays, with the derogatory name calling. I think the bathroom issue has been made out to be bigger than it should, when there are people being thrown off of buildings and imprisoned for life due to being gay. There needs to be a fight for gay rights in those countries.
  2. Well, that's how some people feel. Some really would feel queasy and may think something is odd. LGBTQ kids do get bullied in schools, and there have been suicides due to that. I understand people that genuinely feel like they're in the wrong body and that the vast majority of transgender people aren't bad. But why blame religious people on it? Blaming religious people for their beliefs isn't going to make the situation any better. I'd best not go into much more detail, before I cross the line.
  3. Totally agreed with that in bold. But by the bill, you didn't have to pay. It was them wanted to use the bathroom as the gender they identified. IMO, I see consequences to it. I found it possible that it could cause more cases of rape, and for me, I'd probably feel uncomfortable. Especially with the Transgender kids, it could cause more bullying, which is a concern. I didn't like how they cancelled their concerts like that. It's not like the event was being held in the bathroom. That was a terrible way to protest and it kind of brings out their true colors in a sort. I'm kind of sick of liberal Hollywood if you ask me, but then I'd be going off topic here.
  4. A while ago in my home state of NC, there was a bathroom bill about Transgenders being able to go to the bathroom of their choice. Basically, they wanted to use the bathroom of the gender they switched too. That bill did not pass, so acts like Bruce Springsteen, Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato cancelled their concerts there. Businesses moved from that state, and I believe the NCAA or what not moved out of Charlotte. I heard that there are parts repealed now, but it caused a lot of controversy.
  5. "You don't need to cancel a tour to promote gay rights" You can say that to those entertainers who cancelled their concerts in NC a while ago, all because of a bathroom bill.
  6. So Selena Gomez doesn't want to stop working with Woody Allen? Isn't she the one that claims to be a "feminist"? I don't blame her mom for trying to get her out of it. It makes her look very dirty on the inside. She's really not sweet like those make her out to be.
  7. Good grief. Those are a lot of books. That reminds me that I need to go to the library today an dget new books. I've just read a couple of books that made me love reading even more. I should probably get myself a Kindle, so that I can read and be exposed to many other types of books. P.S. Have you ever read a book series called The Selection?
  8. Plus, a new song is coming out soon with DJ Khaled and Cardi B: From this sample, I actually low-key like it, but I hope that it doesn't get slept on, because it has the potential to blow up. DJ Khaled needs to promote this, and J.Lo's team better not sleep on this. If I'm not lying, I believe her team consists of family members. Tiana doesn't even seem to have real-world experience from what she does, and Benny the Bull needs to get fired from her team.
  9. I love her LOVE? and J.Lo albums best. Those albums have bops and good songs from start to finish. In terms of songs, I love the vast majority of her songs. I love On The Floor and Dance Again best. I'm also a fan of Que Hiciste, Feel The Light, and First Love.
  10. Bizarre

    Oh, it's more than just the Kardashians. Musical.ly stars, Danielle Bregolli, the Pauls, the list goes on.
  11. The acting is so good, the story is interesting, and IMO, a really good candidate for those awards. Which going back to the team, there are those on a fan forum I go on that talk about her team sucking, and I think as long as she has the team that she does, she won't be getting all of those awards or what not. But the good news is that WOD is being filmed. I enjoy that show, but there should be live voting, to make it less rigged.
  12. Bizarre

    Didn't he say misogynistic remarks at one point? Amazing how he gets a pass, but if it was Obama or anyone else, they would've been bashed to no end and possibly had their careers ruined. Then again, we keep making dumb people famous, so why am I surprised.
  13. YAS! It's about time we get this talentless guy off of the internet and stop trying to make dumb people famous. That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
  14. And this is one of the reasons why the school system is failing. Teachers that are not adequate enough to teach. No wonder why more people are choosing homeschooling and online school. It's a strange, strange, world we live in.
  15. Honestly, SOB should've been nominated for an Emmy and/or Golden Globe. That show is so good. I personally enjoyed the second season more than the first, but then again, the same people keep getting nominated each year. Regardless, I'll still be watching and I can't wait to see what season 3 will be like.