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  1. Nicki is releasing 'Queen' aug10 so there's hope for Xtina to debut at #1.
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    I bet it's fake.
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    1. Dirrty 2. Not Myself Tonight 3. Genie in a Bottle 4. Your Body 5. Fall in Line 6. Ain't No Other Man
  8. Discussion

    Hard Candy slays (well except Incredible and Spanish Lesson) Like a Prayer isn't good at all; HC, RH, AL, COADF, Erotica, ROL > Like a Prayer Bitch I'm Madonna is a certified bop The last minute of 'Vogue' saved the song Like a Virgin (album) is pure tr@sh, her worst album. Self-Titled is her best album from the 80s. Get Together is overrated asf
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    Enjoy Yourself, Kylie Aphrodite, X, Kiss Me Once, Fever, KM1994, Body Language Impossible Princess, Rhythm of Love, Golden Light Years, Let's Get to It
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    X > Impossible Princess and Kylie Minogue 1994 Let's Get to It is underrated asf (Too Much of a Good Thing, Word Is Out, Finer Feelings, Right Here, Right Now, I Guess I Like It Like That are certified bops ) Kiss Me Once doesn't deserve the hate that it gets Kiss Me Once > Golden I hate half of Rhythm of Love Aphrodite is her best album and era; she served us looks, videos, visuals, songs, tour....
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    All the Lovers vs. Dancing Get Outta My Way vs. Stop Me From Falling Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) vs. Golden Closer vs. A Lifetime to Repair Everything Is Beautiful vs. Sincerely Yours Aphrodite vs. One Last Kiss Illusion vs. Live a Little Better Than Today vs. Shelby 68 Too Much vs. Radio On Cupid Boy vs. L.O.V.E. Looking for an Angel vs. Raining Glitter Can't Beat the Feeling vs. Music's Too Sad Without You Heartstrings vs. Lost Without You Aphrodite: 8 Golden: 7
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    1. Aphrodite 2. Fever 3. Light Years 4. X 5. Body Language 6. Kiss Me Once 7. Golden
  13. What is she doing with that pig?
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    The Fame > Joanne & ARTPOP I don't like the Marry the Night video Joanne is her weakest album Paparazzi is the worst song from TF singles (but the 2nd most iconic one after PF) Swine, Jewels n Drugs, Dope, Brown Eyes and half of Joanne should be erased from Gaga's discography You and I video > Born This Way video > The Edge of Glory video > Marry the Night video Half of the outfits for the Born This Way Ball were awful.
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