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  1. Lana Del Rey is that you sweetie?
  2. Ariana Grande - 46 Beyonce - 52 Britney Spears - 55 Dua Lipa - 46 Lady Gaga - 58 Madonna - 58 Mariah Carey - 52 Rihanna - 52
  3. Ariana Grande - 43 Beyonce - 52 Britney Spears - 52 Dua Lipa - 52 Lady Gaga - 58 (+) Madonna - 52 Mariah Carey - 61 (-) Rihanna - 50
  4. Me. I Am Mariah... The Bombing Chanteuse, Rainbow and Merry Christmas above Daydream and Caution? Taste at the top 2 tho.
  5. At least they helped her get to #1 according to your delusional narrative. Poor Katy tho, not even Nicki and the Migos at their peak couldn't help her score a top 40 hit single, let alone a smash hit.
  6. Like a Prayer, Erotica and Bedtime Stories tbh. She was in her bag during that time period and was serving visually, vocally, sonically and her tours and interviews were top tier.
  7. Hold It Against Me Inside Out Scary Criminal He About to Lose Me Up n Down Till the World Ends Trouble for Me Selfish Seal It With a Kiss I Wanna Go Gasoline How I Roll (Drop Dead) Beautiful Don't Keep Me Waiting Trip to Your Heart Big Fat Bass
  8. Well like album like big brother I guess
  9. There are barely 10 active members on this forum so I thought it'd be quite hard for me to get 18 members.
  10. Members who might be interested:
  11. Hello and welcome to the newest edition of Doja Cat Big Brother games. This time around, we will be basing this game on her newest album, Planet Her! RULES Players choose a song they want to represent. The Head of Household choose to put up two songs up for eviction. The song that gets more votes leaves the game, while the winner becomes the next HoH. The process repeats until there's a winner. Make sure to be online at least once a day, people that don't respond within 24 hours will be evicted! SONGS 1. Woman @Atlantis Princess 2. Naked 3. Payday 4. Get Into