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  1. The Fame: Paparazzi The Fame Monster: Telephone Born This Way: Judas ARTPOP: Applause Joanne: John Wayne Chromatica: 911
  2. Has your top 5 changed over these past few months or has it stayed the same since the album's release? Mine is: Replay Babylon 911 Alice Rain on Me
  3. willow evermore champagne problems no body, no crime coney island
  4. Didn't Rain on Me peak at #5?
  5. The broadcast edit is at 98m views too. Who could've thought in 2014 that the bomb that was G.U.Y. would one day end up having 200m combined views on YouTube?
  6. Someone please find some dirt on Bobby so we can cancel him I've had enough of 3 half assed eras for 3 albums in a row
  7. Marry the Night vs Heavy Metal Lover
  8. Do What U Want ARTPOP Aura G.U.Y. Gypsy Applause Venus Fashion! Sexxx Dreams Mary Jane Holland Donatella Swine Dope MANiCURE Jewels 'n Drugs
  9. Is That Alright? vs. Always Remember Us This Way
  10. Miss a Thing Say Something Supernova Dance Floor Darling I Love It Last Chance Fine Wine Magic Real Groove Hey Lonely Celebrate You Spotlight Where Does the DJ Go? Monday Blues Till You Love Somebody Unstoppable
  11. 1. Magic 2. Miss a Thing 3. Real Groove 4. Monday Blues 5. Supernova 6. Say Something 7. Last Chance 8. I Love It 9. Where Does the DJ Go? 10. Dance Floor Darling 11. Unstoppable 12. Celebrate You 13. Till You Love Somebody 14. Fine Wine 15. Hey Lonely 16. Spotlight