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  1. Oh I'm gonna do it either way cuz that's how I am
  2. Sign me the fuck up bestie! @Madonna
  3. Sir 80% of American Life still sounds fresh to this day except the electroclash songs ala the title track and Nobody Knows Me. The folk/ballad songs have aged well.
  4. She hates Sorry and isn't that fond of the whole Confessions on a Dance Floor album afaik.
  5. The Fame: Paparazzi The Fame Monster: Telephone Born This Way: Judas ARTPOP: Applause Joanne: John Wayne Chromatica: 911
  6. Has your top 5 changed over these past few months or has it stayed the same since the album's release? Mine is: Replay Babylon 911 Alice Rain on Me
  7. willow evermore champagne problems no body, no crime coney island
  8. Didn't Rain on Me peak at #5?
  9. The broadcast edit is at 98m views too. Who could've thought in 2014 that the bomb that was G.U.Y. would one day end up having 200m combined views on YouTube?