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    So are we continuing this? 1. Are You Satisfied? 2. Shampain @Starlight 3. I Am Not a Robot @Langdon 4. Girls @Freaky Prince 5. Mowgli’s Road @Simón. 6. Obsessions @Caution 7. Hollywood 8. The Outsider @Habits 9. Hermit the Frog 10. Oh No! @Roman Zolanski 11. Rootless 12. Numb @Kozue 13. Guilty 14. The Family Jewels 15. Seventeen @Chris Morlock
  2. Oh my God not 5 EY songs being out already
  3. If You Were With Me Now is a cute girl but that doesn't make her gorgeous
  4. Imagine having 11 songs on an album and making each one of them sound like shit
  5. Loving the riddance of Exorcise Yourself so far
  6. Good riddance I guess
  7. To be honest, I don't even remember what 25 of these songs sound like so...
  8. It should if you want me to stay
  9. Finer Feelings about to win I just know it
  10. YES! This album is so underrated in miss Jackson's discography. This is one of her records if you ask me and your trinity is kinda stellar. Night, The Great Forever and Take Me Away also deserved
  11. A moment most pleasing to me I would PAY to see his and Scooter's reaction
  12. Not a single black nominee... Oskkkars it is. Also, the Jennifer Lopez snub was disgusting.
  13. Phoebe

    Yes But I won't tolerate them snubbing my baby like that
  14. Phoebe

    J.Lo was literally better than all of them
  15. Phoebe

    Decided to go back to my childhood obsession. The way I love them all equally
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    @Madonna Voted.
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    I really liked it tho it gets a bit boring during the second half. Dance Again, A Sweeter Place, Let Me Get Me, Vulnerable, Ring and Crowded Room are the highlights.
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    Post your remaining reviews fat
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    Yes? Our taste is so stellar Drag that hoe
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    #PhoebeSUGGESTS: Marry the Night | Government Hooker | Bloody Mary | Heavy Metal Lover | The Edge of Glory
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    #PhoebeSUGGESTS: All Things Go | Grand Piano | The Crying Game | Pills N Potions | I Lied
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    #PhoebeSUGGESTS: Love Me | By the Grace of God | Unconditionally | Choose Your Battles | This Moment